John Oliver - Last week Tonight

Well, Oliver painted a pretty clear picture of the way things work in Trumptopia.

First, Donald sees something on Twitter or Breitbart or some source just as credible. He Then repeats it as fact without fact checking. Then people hear him say/Tweet it and repeat it. He then points out that tremendous numbers of people are saying it and cites it as proof that whatever it is, is true. Its a vicious circle. He actually cited a Breitbart article that reported masses of Muslims dancing in the street on 9/11 as proof that it happened.

But, it doesn’t matter if its actually true or not. Spicer says that Trump believes that its true and that’s all that matters.

Some of Oliver’s humor rubs me the wrong way but the overall message in that whole segment was spot on. Here it is if you’d care to have a look.

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John Oliver and Samantha Bee have been much-needed aloe since the election.

JO hasn’t been around for months. I saw the OPs video yesterday and felt like he doesn’t have much to say that everyone else hasn’t already been saying.

I just read in the Washington Post that Stephen Colbert’s show, which has been hitting Trump very hard, beat Jimmy Fallon in the ratings for the first time. And Saturday Night Live had more viewers than all but three regularly scheduled primetime shows. Trump is making for great television ratings, just probably not the ones he’s looking for.

nm - I can’t count, it’s been three months minus one day, which is a long time in Trump years.