John Oliver on Mike Pence (YouTube video)

Figured I’d share this with anyone interested who hasn’t seen the episode yet. Basically it’s classic Oliver talking about Mike Pence this time. There is a pretty hard sell for a book at the end, but even that is hilarious IMHO…I plan to order one. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it let me know what you think in the thread.

Since this is about the tv show I’ll move it to CS.

Figuratively rather than literally, one assumes…

I guess 'Mercans just want to laugh these days.

Sadly, yes. I was quite disappointed.

Note that all profits from A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo go toward the Trevor Project for LGBTQ Youth and AIDS United. Even if you don’t particularly support these causes, it’s a good chance to stick it to Mike Pence who is a truly abominable human being and horrific characture of a Christian, especially since this book is already outselling the Pences’ own book about their rabbit which exists to glorify Mike Pence, human bobblehead model and apoligist for all things Trump including pretty much everything that violates his supposed family values.

“Eat shit, Pence.”


Oh, but you’ve left out the wonderfulness that is his brother, who wants Mike’s old congressional seat; he’s expected to win on name recognition. He’s been standing in for his brother at Republican fundraisers for about a year now.

Jeebus Christ, I can’t stand Pence either but the proceeds of the book written by his daughter will be going to “an art therapy program called Tracy’s Kids and a nonprofit, A21, that’s working to end slavery and human trafficking.” according to NPR. Pence has some fucked up beliefs but he is not pure evil like Dick Cheney was. Buy either book, both are supporting worthwhile causes from what I can see.

Cheney was Chaotic Evil while Mike Pence is Lawful Evil. Both have thrown their support behind the Great Orange Aspiration of Donald Trump, although Cheney has at least avoided actively lying on the behalf of Trump the way Mike Pence baldly has.

Instead of buying the Pences’ book, just donate directly to causes for children with cancer and opposing human slavery, and then buy A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo as a raised middle finger toward an official who cannot answer a “Yes or No” question without equivocating about his own beliefs. This is not a Christian, a leader, or indeed, a person who should hold any office higher than that of “Director of Sanitation for Shitsville, Indiana”. Pence has largely been smart enough to fly under the media radar by distancing himself from direct contact with Russian officials and largely not saying anything about the Trump Administration policies, but while Donald Trump can be excused, if you will, for being a monumentally ignorant celebrity Trolls figurine and target of bald eagle aggresion (man, does that clip never get old!), Mike Pence evidences sufficient intellect and awareness to know better, and yet he’s still a complete lying asshole who thinks he can shine on voters into adopting his radical evangelist view of reality.

Fuck that guy with a crucifix.


What I find disturbing is Pence’s apparent arrogance. It’s obviously not open in the way that Trump’s arrogance is. But Pence has apparently decided that he, as an individual, is such a force for Good, that advancing himself justifies supporting people like Donald Trump and the Koch brothers.

Picked up two books. My youngest is out of the closet and she’s all keen on spreading the word of this magical bunny.

We are not the only ones concerned:

“A21” is really Christine Caine’s “Equip and Empower Ministries.”

Isn’t google wonderful?

I considered getting the audio book, which is $2 on Audible, but I’m holding back to see if there’s a version that finishes the animation they show at the end of the video clip.

I just came here to start a thread on this very subject, and see that someone’s beat me to it.

BTW, said book is #1 on Amazon. :cool: Most of the sales and reviews are for the Kindle version.

Did anyone else notice that John Oliver said that VP Pence did not grow up in the 1950s, and in fact is several months younger than Flavor Flav? :smiley:

As I said, I planned to buy one…and, in fact, I bought two. :wink: Yes, it’s going to a good cause, but I figured I’d still give a warning that there was a pretty hard sell in the video, just in case it got someones back up.

I bought one for my oldest son and his partner, as they also have an adopted child from my sons partners home town in China, and I thought it would be a good story for him. I also got the audio version on Audible.

I love that this book is number 1 on Amazon right now. I hope folks watched the whole video about Pence (or caught this on HBO last night), as I think it’s good to know who our VP is and what he stands for.

The idea that the Vice President of the United States is going to get his feelings hurt because some kids book outsells his daughter’s kids book is crazy. Good on Oliver to find a clever way to sell books and raise money for charity but the credulity of some people is amazing.

Oh, I think he’s going to be pretty pissed off and bent out of shape over this. It’s not just ‘some kids book’ after all, it cuts to the heart of his own prejudices and reactionary stances on gay marriage and just folks being gay, and uses his own bunny to underscore the point. I’d be surprised if his head doesn’t explode, especially since it’s doing better than his own story. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also characterizes Mike Pence as “Stink Bug”. Whether Pence will be upset about this or not is kind of irrelevant since, as Vice President, he has the authority to do just about jack shit. However, it is a pretty skillful troll of Donald Trump who positively cannot stand to have ‘his guys’ made fun of, charactured, or played by impressionists of the opposite gender. So, we’ll see what Donald ‘Twitter Thumbs’ Trump has to say about it.

Fox News has already rendered their opinion about the book, so let the shit stirring begin!


I could never go on TV and be such an evasive fraud, defending the indefensible statements of someone like Trump. Watching him refuse to answer questions was embarrassing. I don’t know how anyone can live with themselves at night.

Soul-crushingly embarrassing to watch him with George Stephanopoulos.

Where is the rabbit in the line of succession?