John Ringo fans, a question

I’m debating whether or not to get Honor of the Clan, which is the 3rd book on the spy side of the Legacy of the Aldenata series. I haven’t read either either of the Cally’s War spinoff series (Cally’s War or Sister Time), but I see that there is a new book out (Eye of the Storm).

What I’m looking for here is…should I read Honor of the Clan and then Eye of the Storm, should I read the other two books in the series first (Cally’s War/Sister Time) first, or can I skip all three and simply read Eye of the Storm? I’ve read many of the other books in the series (Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, Hell’s Faire, Watch on the Rhine, Yellow Eyes) but haven’t read any of the spy side spin off novels. I’m interested in seeing the main story line going forward and have heard from others that Iron Mike doesn’t really make much of an appearance in any of the spy series.


I read Cally’s War and feel no incentive to read any further in that branch, as much as i liked the Posleen Battle series.

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To paraphrase from Star Wars: “Stay on Target…”

If you aren’t a fan and haven’t read the books in question feel free to lurk…I really am just interested in hearing from folks who have read all of the books in question, not those who disliked the story, or disliked where the story went. I realize that most 'dopers have probably not heard of John Ringo (the author, not the rock star), and of those who have there probably aren’t a lot who actually enjoy his style of writing. But I don’t want to get into another Robert Jordan sucks kind of discussion here…just the answer to a simple question to the hopefully one or two 'dopers who DO like the series and who have read the books in question.

Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:


<meme>OH JOHN RINGO NO.</meme>

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Continue on.

If you’re reading it for the military action parts, they’re not needed, as there isn’t much of that. What they do have, however, is a lot more background on the nature of Galactic civilization, and the balance of powers between the various species and factions. So if you’re interested in that, it’s worth picking up.

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I just had to come here to say I know the person on whom John Ringo based the character Bast.

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He is mentioned by name and reputation in the spy series, however a few of the characters in the aldenata series make it over to the spy series , and it makes for continuity that way. They are not bad books, but I think he ended up diluting his work between the aldenata series , the S&M books and the dies the fire clone series.

Ringo has another Iron Mike book coming out shortly, supposedly the future has changed and that one book with the SF team in their future teaming up with an elf is non canon now.


Well, I understand he is planning to start getting back into the ‘main’ story line with books about Iron Mike and I presume some of the other survivors, and I want to make sure I’m on board with where the story is. I think the latest book is actually in the ‘main’ story line, though like with the 1632 series it’s really hard to figure out with all these digressions and spin offs. I suppose I’ll get the new book and read it, and then if I feel like I’m missing a lot I’ll get the 3 I mentioned in the OP and check them out as well.

I didn’t even know he had a dies the fire clone series…must have missed that one. The only other series by him I’ve read is the SciFi series about the Prince (Empire of Man). I also read Centurion, but that wasn’t a series. I really liked the Legacy of the Aldenata series, at least the first 4 books plus Watch on the Rhine and Yellow Eyes (I understand there are two additional books that are electronic downloads only concerning, IIRC, what happens in the UK and Japan).


I believe the series referred to as the “dies the fire clone” is his Council Wars series. Civilization falls, and it is up to super-competent SCA members to keep life livable.

But since this was in a far-future milieu, the “civilization” is a Clarkian Magic Equivalence culture, and everyone who can still acces the modification technology seems to have acopy of the AD&D Monster Manual under their pillow.

I’ve just started reading Eye of The Storm. He seems to be bringing the two story lines back together. There’s enough exposition concerning the events in the Cally stories that they’re not essential reading, but if you want to be fully up to speed on those parts, it would be worth reading them.

Just remember that DAG == Direct Action Group. I spent most of one book trying to figure that out, since he doesn’t actually mention it in that one.