Johnny Cash cover songs

Actually, this is more about trying to find out more about a band that covered a Johnny Cash song. I heard a song by them on the radio, and I really liked it, but I couldn’t get the name or remember that much about the song (Guess I didn’t like it THAT much). The only thing I can recall is that this same band did a cover to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” The lead singer has a kinda rough voice with a British accent, and that’s about all the information I can give. But you’re a bunch of smart folks out there, anyone got any clues?

The band you heard was Social Distortion, that song appears on their self titled album from 1990. We played that at my wedding, which I guess is either cool or kind of bizarre. I personally like this album and “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”.

Here’s a link to them at UBL.,,495103,00.html?src=redirsearch&artist=Social+Distortion

You have to be talking about Social Distortion, the great post-punk rockabilly alterna-band that made a successful comeback in the 90’s. Not sure what they are up to now, but you should do yourself a big favor and pickup either

Social Distortion


Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Both of these CD’s are absolutely great rock-n-roll albums. I absolutely devoured these albums in my early 20’s. Completely worth your time and money

Thanks, guys, I think I’ll grab a copy sometime soon (it IS payday after all :slight_smile: )

Hmmm–British voice? “Ring of Fire” cover? I know, it’s Tom Jones!

Working the other way, Johnny Cash has done a cover version of Soundgardens’ Rusty Cage.

Male or female?

Female: Blondie. (British? Well they were more popular in GB and Australia …)

Adam Yax, I too thought that this would be about the covers that Johnny Cash has done. My particular favourites are his versions of I Won’t Back Down and U2’s One.

Wall Of Voodoo did an bizarre but excellent version of Ring Of Fire.

You can hear a bit of it here.

And I thought it was great!

I like Johnny’s version better than Soundgarden’s

He also did a cool version of Loudon Wainwright’s “The Man WHo Couldn’t Cry.”

Another great cover sung by Johnny Cash is his version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Johnny 99”. Supposedly after hearing it, Springsteen said he hadn’t known he had written a country song until he heard Cash sing it.

One of my favorites Johnny’s cover songs is “The Wanderer” on the U2 Zooropa album. It practically screams “This is the life of Johnny Cash” in the lyrics and is wonderful

And to answer your question thermalribbon. They are still touring although they are without one of the originals. Dennis Danell, their lead guitarist for so many years, died of a sudden brain embolism in 2000. He is missed by the fans and his friends (me included…I drink a beer with him every once in a while down in South Laguna)

Anyway…for you mid-westerners…SD is coming out to play all over in June

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Go down and see em. Mike puts on one great show