Johnny Mnemonic: Hilarious!

Ok, I saw the legendary Johnny Mnemonic. And I thought it was awesomely hilarious. It wasn’t just the incredible 80’s-ness about, or the fact that Ice-T seems to have been made by God at age 41 and never aged from there, or that it featured Dolph Lundgren. No, it’s the sheer abstract humor of the proceedings. And Keanu Reeves really, really helkps with the hammiest acting this side of Miss Piggy.

Favorite lines:

“Do you want him brought to Jesus, or to you?”

“Jesus Time!”

“Spider’s dead. No, not there, earlier.”

And Keanu escaping with a hat and slight wig, the man with the laser whip thumb, Jurgen Procnow…

Three hundred 170 gigabytes!!!1111oneone!

Oh, Keanu. How we miss thee.

IIRC, it also has the best example of a gunfight scene where stuff in the background randomly explodes even at times when no ones shooting or in parts of the set that no is aiming a gun at.

I haven’t actually watched Johnny Mnemonic all the way through.

My questions is, if you had 80 GB worth of information would you want to store it in Keanu Reeves’ head, or you think that it’s the best place to store 80GB worth of information?

Well there is the off chance is brain could melt down and ooze out his nose.

Obligatory Jabootu link. Not sure what I can say about the movie that isn’t already said there.

There’s a lot of free space in there.
And that movie raped a good story.