Johnny Neutron Website Gripes

I am really upset with Nickelodeon for the website they’ve set up for the upcoming movie ‘Johnny Neutron’.

Some background:

This weekend I was with my nephew. We were watching Nick, and happened to catch a promo for this new cartoon. “ Look at this,” the nephew said. If you’re familiar with these ads, it was the one with the comparison of the dogs: robot vs. real. Neat spot, cool, Toy Story-type animation. Good cross-referenced humor for the adults, I want to see this movie.

So we go to their website. This is where I get my panties in a knot. You can view ALL the promos (I think they’re five of them). Cool. So we click on one, and the WindowsMedia viewer opens up on the page.

Opens up a whopping two inches high by about two and three-quarters of an inch wide. Six-year-old Brian says, “Hey….”, as the cartoon starts, WITH NO SOUND!

Well, so much for your target audience, Nickelodeon. Brian went to playing with the cat, while I sat and fiddled with your website. Right-clicking told me volume was controlled by the arrow keys; ha, try again. Totally random key selection (i.e.: shift, enter, backspace, insert) actually got me the sound, but if I chose a different promo, I had to start the process again.

Even when I had the sound, Brian had no interest in watching the tiny picture. It did no justice to the detail of the animation.

I’m just wondering why Nickelodeon even bothered. It seems so counter-productive. And of course there’s no email address for me to rant to.

So thanks for listening.

I think it’s called Jimmy Nuetron

IMHO, rants belong in the BBQ PIT.

Buh-bye. :slight_smile:

The movie isn’t based on Mr. Neutron by any chance, is it? :slight_smile:

Was it this website?

Eh, not to spike your rant or anything–but it works fine for me. Sorry. :smiley: Sound and everything.

It wants a particular version of QuickTime in order to run Media Player, so my guess would be that you’ve got a slightly different version of QT installed on your computer, hence your difficulty in getting sound. On mine, it came up pronto.

You may also have a different version of Media Player, so the keys didn’t work right. On mine they’re not “totally random”, they’re just like all the other media players/CD players/tape recorders out there.

And the tiny window and not-state of the art animation is standard for Windows Media Player.

Not Nick’s fault, in other words.

And–here’s their e-mail address, for you to rant to. From their Home Page, up at the top, where it says “Write to Us”.