Join me for the Great Guinness Toast 2001!

OK, the Great Guinness Toast 2001 is set for tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 23, at 11 PM EST in North America. Anyone care to bend elbows with me?

What exactly is this? Is this something official or does it just mean you want to get drunk with the best beer know to man.

Well, I’m assuming since Guinness is the “know all, be all” of world records, they want to set one themselves.

I’m guessing that when you participate in the toast at your local bar, you sign into some register. They compile all the numbers and have a world record 5,000,000 person toast, or something of the sort. I’ll be heading to The Ol’ Bag O’ Nails pub tomorrow night following school to take part.

Oi! to the world! :smiley:

This is the official Guiness Toast. For the Guiness Book of Records. But I was told it was 11pm CST. At least that what’s our local Pub has advertised.

Well, shit. I was at a bar last night and tried ordering a Guinness and was told they were out. They better get their act together if they want to contribute to the world record.

Well, looking through, I see that it only says 11:00pm. But there’s a “Countdown Clock” in the corner that says 1 Day, 5 Hours, 45 Minutes, etc…and it being 5:15pm here in the Eastern Time Zone, it appears that it occurs at 11:00pm EST. However, I would imagine that they hold it at 11pm for each time zone, otherwise the Brits would be drinking, oh, somewhere around 4 or 5am? Altho, that may be normal… :smiley:

This is Guinness’ attempt to set a world record for the most beers drunk in a toast, or greatest number of toasts made at one time. Honest. It has nothing to do with selling more beer!

The commercials I’ve seen for it say 11 PM EST. I thought that was so it could be at a reasonable time across North America - IE, Californians could tip a glass at 8 PM. But just doing it at 11 PM local time worldwide makes sense, I guess. Can’t have the brits drinking warm beer at 4 in the morning, can we?

Ralf, I’ve been a sick bunny all week or I would’ve seen if I couldn’t have joined you.

I’m surprised you didn’t hear me coughing over here in Nat Sci - Mr. Bunny says my cough is sonic.

Love the new sig! Haven’t seen that one before.

Hmm, looks like I’m gonna have to pick up a couple dozen bottles, just to be sure I don’t miss it.

RalfCoder, I’m going to a local Irish pub in California (USA) for the toast to Guinness and the toast itself is indeed scheduled for 23:00 (11:00 PM).

BTW, thank you for starting this thread. My friend Kevin who was in charge of making reservations for a table had told me that the toast was Monday February 26th! (same date as last year, when the toast was on the 26th) When I called him yesterday to see if it was Monday or Friday he said “Oh year, I found out that it’s Friday, not Monday”. Thanks for letting me know, Kevin! :stuck_out_tongue:

PM!! Dang, I guess I’ll hafta go back to the pub tonight. Oh life is so complicated…


Does it hafta be in a pub, or can we bend elbows at home?
Gotta love the floaty thing :slight_smile:

so, anybody else make it to an offical location?

You betcha! Went to the Ol’ Bag O’ Nails Pub and had a coupla Caffrey’s to warm me up, and at 11, held my Guinness high!

Bunnygirl: Poor bunny… Hope you’re feeling better. Have that bunnyhusband go get you some Guinness to help calm that cough. Or at least to anesthetize you, so that you won’t care as much! :smiley:

Wolfman: Good Plan!!!

Arnold: You’re welcome - always happy to help a doper. And I’d suggest you administer a dope slap to Kevin, or at least make him buy the next time!

Venusprobe: Sometimes life requires sacrifices be made. It’s part of your duty as a doper.

TDC: Home is acceptable - that’s what I did. It’s better to go to an official spot, like Arnold and idiotboy, but a contribution from home still counts. Stand proud, lad!