Jokes and Maps

I am doing a project on the map of Europe and I was wondering for my presentation if any good jokes about Europe or relating to the map of Europe existed. Any help?

Yes, they exist, and if you go to Google and put in keywords “jokes” and “Europe”, you’ll find them.

Lewis Carroll’s joke that works for all areas: tell 'em you found a superaccurate map whose scale was 1:1 (or better 1 meter=100 centimeters) but when you unfolded it, it blocked all the sunlight.

It was better when he told it.

Some would say the map of Europe is a joke.

Someone (French King IIRC) said “Spain begins in the Pyrenees” as an insult meaning it was a backward country. Spain and France were traditional enemies. When French Bourbon king was enthroned in the Spanish throne about 1705 he said “there are no Pyrenees any more” to mean the two countries would be allies. It didn’t work; Napoleon invaded Spain a century later and the French and the Spanish continued to hate each other.
The people who live in Paris are called parasites . . .
Teacher: Where is the English Channel ?
Pupil: I don’t know, my TV doesn’t pick it up
Pupil: My teacher was mad with me because I didn’t know where the Alps were.
Mother: Well next time remember where you put things!

Knock, knock, who’s there?
Marge and Tina
Marge and Tina who?
“Don’t cry for me, Marge and Tina”

Then there is this…

Say no more, say no more.

faire une carte de france (#63)

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Well, Luxembourg is so small it’s only on the map three days a week.

Don’t forget to mention Sealand - the smallest country in Europe. I think the URL is or something like that. Cecil once did a column on it - but I can’t find it now… sorry.

Have a look at this about Belgium and Wales