Jonbenet Ramsey movie

Freaky freaky freaky.

It was freaky seeing an actress portray a member of my family. It was strange hearing my family’s name mentioned as “suspects”. It was just weird weird weird.

(My husband’s aunt and uncle were close friends with the Ramseys… they were on tv a lot during all the footage. One of the scenes in the movie was even supposed to be in their house.)

'Course, I missed the first half because I was watching X Files…

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I didn’t watch any of it. The death of a child is sad. What good did it do to make a movie about it. Would we learn anything new or different?

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Given the uproar here in Boulder about the damn movie you’d think it was akin to putting a man on the moon. I admit, I watched a few minutes of it last night - just enough to say “Wait a minute! That restaurant opened a year ago! How could John Ramsey and his lawyer have lunch there 4 years ago?!?”

I agree, the scenes of the dead child were in very bad taste… what a bunch of schlock.

There was on on Fox earlier in the month. I thought it was more interesting than this one, which has another 2 hours coming. I didnt get to see all of the fox one cause our local news comes on at 10pm. sigh.

Athena: do you know any of the people involved in the case? (That was pretty much the only reason we watched it)

“it’s all real”
“I KNEW IT!!!”
O p a l C a t

I only saw the one on Fox and I thought it was terrible! The acting was crappy, the writing was crappier, and it was all crammed into ONE hour, so even the pacing was crappy. It also seemed to change styles from beginning to end, like a book going from first to third person narration. What a lousy show by all standards (but what do I expect from the people who brought us Darva and Rick?!).
When you mention the restaurant in Boulder (I haven’t been there for years) it wasn’t the gourmet place on the big mall was it? It has a french name (that I forget). A buddy of mine is the chef there. Have you been to it?

Sweet Basil

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Watching that thing was torture: I actually timed the commercials-there were 10 minutes of commercial for every 5 minutes of the show!

No, I admit, I don’t know anyone involved. I have NO good reason for watching the damn thing other than morbid curiousity. I only watched for ten minutes or so, really! And I was playing Monopoly with my neice at the time!

I think if I had known anyone involved might have affected me so that I might have watched because of that, but otherwise, it’s just sad that the murder goes unsolved and Hollywood makes a buck off of it. I guess nothing is considered ‘off base’, let’s just keep lowering the bar, till it’s on the ground.

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Till it’s on the ground? You’re never going to become a network executive with that mentality. Now get out your shovel and start digging the trench for the bar to go in.

Sweet Basil, it was only one hour on FOx? great cause I thought for sure I missed 1 hour of a 2 hour show cause it just left it there with no conclusion, followup or anything. I was going to call the station & ask where is the other half?

Yeah, the cbs one has really long commercials. Im going to record it with a commercial skipper vcr.