Lifetime made a JonBenet Ramsey movie.

Is anyone else watching this thing?

It’s fantastically awful…

…for starters, the actress portraying the dead child is narrating the thing. “I wish I could remember what happened that night.” :eek:

We were trying to remember if we had seen this version before. It was a bit hard to follow, jumping forward and backward in time; makes it hard to read SDMB at the sasme time.

The topic name could be “Lifetime made a JonBenet Ramsey movie … again”.

I wasn’t aware of the first one…I think my channel guide just gave “2016” as the original air date. This one jumped around a little at the beginning, but was mostly linear. The major thing that made it hard to follow was the number of people who were introduced all at once with little explanation (all the friends showing up at the house during the investigation, for example).