Jordan Elsass not returning to "Superman and Lois", role of Jon Kent to be recast

Jordan Elsass, who appeared in the CW show Superman and Lois as their son, Jonathan, has dropped out of the show after not showing up in Vancouver, B.C. for the start of the upcoming third season. His absence is said to be for “personal reasons” and not for any professional reasons. The role will be recast.

Scuttlebutt is that the actor is refusing to comply with vaccine policies. He had a one year exemption previously.

Damn. It will be interesting to see how they recast.

I’m going to start a rumor that he was pissed off that his brother got powers and he didn’t. The writers kept promising Elsass: “Just wait til you see next episode’s script…”, while his brother Alexander Garfin would taunt him by floating around during table readings.

Too bad, though. He was a great Jonathan.

I’m part of a cohort that grew up with trust issues, ever since they switched Darrin Stevens on us, and I’d hate to have another generation scarred like that.

He said he was excited about playing Jon-El in the Bizarro storyline.