Jose Canseco. Bidding will start at $2500. Anyone...Anyone...?

How low can you go folks? This has got to be one of the most dramatic examples of “falling star” ever. This guy used to be THE SHIT when I was a kid (late 80’s) and now he is just “shit”. I wouldn’t pay $25 to “hang out” with this piss drunk cock, let alone $2.5K.

I guess the steroids choked his brain out.

I dunno … he DID promise a cookout!

For what is worth, if he still lives in Gables by the sea, the place is a gorgeous waterfront house.

Guess I should have sold all those Jose Canseco rookie cards when they could have fetched something more than 50 cents, huh?

You and me both THespos. I’ve got so much Canseco crap it’s not even funny, and now what’s it worth? nothing. I seem to have some knack for collecting things that just do not go up in value. The best thing to do is ask me if I’ll collect it then don’t.

You guys remember the 86 Donruss Rated Rookie card? Man, I had one when I was a kid and it was HARD to not sell that thing for $200 bucks to the local card shop. I could have bought a NES and a game for that much money.

Fuckin POS Canseco.

How exactly did Conseco fuck up his life?

It wasn’t drugs, was he fighting alot?

He was a fucking idiot.

I assumed that was a given.

Well, next arrest and he’s off to the slammer for 15 years, least that’s what the judge said.

Anyone want to take bets?

What’s the deal with the 17 year old or younger guest?

Here’s hoping R Kelly doesn’t win the auction…

Ok, I feel I must stem the tide of the Canseco bashing.

He was my all-time favorite ballplayer when I was a kid. Yes, I know he’s done a lot of incredibly stupid things, and I never condoned or made excuses for any of that.


Mere days before he announced his retirement from baseball, he came to Syracuse with the Charlotte Knights. A pretty good sized crowd came to see if he could mix a 450-foot bomb in with his usual couple of Ks. For all the stuff people say about him, he attracted a pretty good crowd of autograph seekers before the game started. And he signed for everyone.

Yeah, he made some bad decisions but I’ll always remember that gesture, and how cool it was to finally get his autograph after all those years.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

What a disgrace.

I’ll always remember him as the guy who got hit in the head with that fly ball. The ball bounced off of his head and over the out field fence for a home run.


I’m torn.

He was a guy who could have challenged the unwritten “500 Hr’s = entrence into the HoF” rule, but he hung 'em up. We’ll have to wait for McGriff for that challenge now.

spooje: how about Rafael Palmeiro? 500 or no, he no way in hell deserves to be in.

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Not to hijack, but <begin hijack>

No way Palmeiro deserves to be in? Per 162 games, Palmeiro has averaged 33 home runs, more than 100 RBI, had an OBP of .372, and slugged .522, while winning three gold gloves at first base and missing more than 20 games only once in 15 seasons as a starter.

By contrast, HOFer Willie McCovey’s numbers in the above categories were 33, 97, .374, and …515, and he missed 20 or more several times. Palmeiro’s accomplishments are similarly superior to those of HOF outfielder Billy Williams (28, 96, .361, and .492), and extremely similar to those of Willie Stargell (33, 106, .360, .529).

I’m willing to entertain arguments, but to say “no way in hell?” Huh?

<end hijack>

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Does anyone else remember the time Orioles’ announcers Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein rang up the ‘Jose Canseco Hotline’ during an Orioles match?

Here’s my beef with Palmeiro–how long would the discussion of “feared sluggers of the era” have to go before someone brought up his name? How many pitchers would say, “Damn, with runners on and the game on the line, I sure wouldn’t want to face Rafael Palmeiro”?

I don’t like comparing numbers of ballplayers from different eras. If Dave Kingman played today, he’d have hit 600 homers by now (and probably would have struck out several thousand times as well). If Mike Schmidt played today, he’d be hitting 50 bombs a year all the time. Christ, the guy led the league with 36 once. Didn’t Barry Bonds hit that many by the all-star break?

At best, Palmeiro should be a veteran’s committee pick in a year when there’s no one the writers consider worth picking.

No, he wouldn’t. Kingman could hit HR’s. He really couldn’t hit anything else. His career high batting average was .288, his career average was .236. We really can’t play the “if X guy played today, he’d be so much greater than todays guys”. Hitters get better, and so do pitchers. Today, Kingman would get eaten alive.

But your statement implys that somehow this is now a worthless acheivment, rather than awe-inspiring. Yes, Bonds had that many, and no one else did. When alls said and done, Bonds will go down in history as one of the greatest hitters to ever play. Too bad he plays for hated Giants.

::curses upon you, oh wretched ones!!!::
Regarding Palmeiro, he’s been a great hitter for the last 15 years. He was tied with Mark Grace for the most hits in the 90’s. A decade of dominance, and unlike Grace, he had power. And he’s not a one-dimensional player. Where Canseco was a bumbling feilder, Palmeiro was, and is, an great feilder. He does have 3 consecutive gold gloves. Both feared and respected by his peers across 3 decades. That’s the stuff the Hall is loking for.