Joseph - The musical (Rice & Webber)

I am asking this question on my other halfs behalf, just so you know: (i.e. don’t expect me to know what I’m talking about)

Was there originally released a ‘first’ version of Joseph with a certain number of songs, and then was it re-released with extra songs written in later?
We have two audio tapes, one is very old and it is missing many songs that appear on the newer tape. Were they a later addition? (or was our origial tape just crap?)

Whilst we are on the subject of musicals:

In Evita, was the line “Dont cry for me, Argentina” written purely by Tim Rice for the song, or was it an actual quote or paraphrase of sometime Eva once said IRL?


I have no idea. However, having seen a number of plays done by different directors, it’s a pretty common practice to excise musical numbers. So in your case–maybe so, maybe not.

The original version of Joseph was a half-hour concert that was recorded and bombed. After the phenomenal success of Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph was expanded into an hour long musical.
Joseph was later revived with even more songs, turning it into about an 1 1/2 hour show.

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“Ni Llores por Mi Argentina” was said by Eva Peron in her Casa Rosata speech. Tim Rice later used the English translation.

Thanks for that, Annie.

The CD of the British cast of JOSEPH is pretty much the hour-long version, and our family likes it much better than the expanded 90 minute version (which basically just repeats many of the songs, often more pretentiously.)

Anytime, ** Aro **. I love to have a legitimate reason to bring my Lloyd Webber obsession to the Boards.

IMHO, the best English version of the show was recorded by Cmpacts for Pleasure, cause it has Tim Rice as the Narrator. It’s definitely worth getting.

But nothing beats the German version, with Andreas Bieber as Joseph. It’s what the show should be.