Joss Whedon may write/direct X3?

On the heels of this news I’ve been crying over (especially the final confirming post), comes this article that claims that ol’ Slayer-creator Joss is going to try his hand at not only directing X3, but writing as well!

Of course, I’m taking this rumor with a shakerful of salt until it’s confirmed; it’s suspicious that this news comes so soon after Joss publicly expressed interest in replacing Bryan Singer (while also saying he hadn’t been asked!). Plus, the article quoted in that final post in the first mentioned thread doesn’t mention any replacement possibilities. But I could see Fox wanting to go with another name known to its target audience who knows comics and will take the material seriously. Who knows?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

I was kinda wishing David Hayter would write and direct it…oh well

Hmm. I admire Buffy a great deal, writing and directing both. But it took Joss a few years to really find his rhythm. And nothing else he’s ever done has been anywhere near as impressive. I’m not sure he’s up to following Singer’s act.

It really is going to depend on the script. Joss will have gotten his big-screen legs tuned with Serenity, and if the script goes the right way, I think he will be an excellent choice. But what way are they going to go with the story? Dark Phoenix? Wolverine? The Sentinels? The story is going to make or break the movie, not Joss.