Hello All
As a stocking stuffer Ayesha gave me a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator,as a pilot wannabe I am in hog heaven.
I am looking for recomendations on joysticks,which one would give the most realistic feel and gameplay?
I have seen a couple in stores that look like they would do nicely but I am not sure of there brand names(Sidewinder?).
All input welcome.
(I hear the engines starting, it must be time again for the Dawn Patrol!)

I formally had a microsoft sidewinder force feedback, good stick, but it had a very large footprint

I currently have (got it yesterday) is a logitech strike force 3D – the I havent decided if I like it yet or not, but sofar so good. :o)

I would suggest any joystick by Logitech or Microsoft with a throttle control and an 8 point hat switch. I have the Logitech Digital 3-D Extreme Joystick, which I use with FS2000, and I have had nothing but good luck. My only word of advice, don’t try to take off with the Concord SST from Chicago. You’ll hit the buildings. Enjoy the game.

I have the Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro - the one with the throttle wheel, not the newer type with the one that goes up and down. It works great for me, and you could probably find one pretty cheap now that they have come out with the new Sidewinders. It DOES have a big footprint. If you want force-feedback or a smaller footprint, you would probably want one of the new ones, I read the force feedback is awesome on them.

Thanks for the all recomendations.
The Logitech joystick is starting look good.
The place where I buy computer parts has them for $39 vs $59 for the MicroSoft one.
I am not sure about “force feedback” is worth the extra bucks and will it work with Flight Sim for Win95 V6.0?
I think I will be picking up Flight Sim 98 soon.
I am not a gamer but this is too much fun.
I will learn how to land a Fokker Drideker on asphalt if it kills me!!

Force feedback is definately worth it! The feel of the wings dragging and non-responce from your controls after a wing has broken off is awesome. It really helps to bring you into the games!

What the Hell were they thinking when they came up with the word ‘joystick’?