Jpeg to pdf converter?

If I google my question, I get at least a half dozen converters. Trouble is I don’t trust something that just comes on google and I am hoping some doper can point me to a safe one. I’ve not gone wrong with things that are recommended on the Dope.

Can I ask why you would want such a thing?

I’ve used ilovepdf quite a few times. Nothing to install, very simple and clean.

Faststone image viewer can do that. And it can do quite a bit of image processing and work in batch.

IrfanView will also save images to PDF, though you should make sure that the options (including security) for the PDF are what you want.

In my opinion, a better option is to load a PDF utility that is selectable as a “Print” option. This allows you to save just about any file as a PDF, regardless of source or type. There are several open source options.

I have a CAD program that sometimes requires me to convert JPEG to PDF, I use Adobe Reader, you pay a little to use their converter but you can trust it not to bomb you with malware.

PDFCreator is a good one. Lets you “print” anything to PDF, and adds a right-click menu item–you could highlight a series of PDFs then save them as a PDF.


ETA: is a converter; should produce small output files

If you’re on Mac, you can always “print as PDF.” If you’re on Windows, does Windows not have similar functionality?

Nope, not by default, but there are both free and paid software packages that will add it, and some OEMs (HP for one) will include something in their Windows installation to add it.

Regarding the OP’s question, for me, the answer to almost any question discussing converting images is ImageMagick. It’s a set of command-line utilities, so it’s not for everyone. But it’s a very powerful set of tools, and converting a jpeg to a PDF is as easy as installing it and typing “convert file.jpg file.pdf”.

After posting, I started poking around the ImageMagick site. It looks like someone decided that it needed a redesign, and the command to convert a jpeg to a PDF is now “magick file.jpg file.pdf”

If you try it, you may want to install the legacy version instead. I have to think that most of the example uses you’ll find on the web will be for the older version.

What? It’s not 2005 anymore. Windows 10 comes with a PDF printer built in called “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Just open up the JPEG and hit print and there you go, you have a PDF.

No third-party tool, command-line or otherwise, needed.

What about converting a PDF into a jpeg?

Take a screenshot. Or if you have Acrobat, just go to export.

There also a bunch of free online services. just google it.


I use Nitro PDF for printing to PDF. Shareware but it doens’t have a nag screen or anything.

I haven’t Irfanview for this purpose, but it is otherwise a spectacular program.

I support anything that avoids giving Adobe money, though.

Modern word processes and publisher software can save straight to PDF.

This is a function of modern operating systems. Both windows and mac have had print to pdf printer drivers for years.

Modern word processors, publisher software etc usually have a separate “export to PDF” or “save as PDF” function. I’ve noticed that PowerPoint slides often look better if you use “Save As” and select PDF than if you use “Print” and select the PDF.

:smack: D’oh. Of course it does. Why didn’t I think of that?

To answer a question upthread, my scanner produces jpeg files and I was asked to sign and scan an agreement and return it in pdf.

Some reasons to use a specialized converter program instead of a “print to PDF” function would be for batch processing, or if the latter screwed up your output in subtle and odd ways, or did not correctly support specific standards and settings like PDF/A or PDF/X that you needed for some reason.

Since none of these apply to you, you should be fine using the built-in utility. In fact, your situation is tailor-made for the print-to-PDF driver.