Convert doc to jpg?

Hey, is there a way to convert a .doc file straight to some kind of image file, like jpg or gif?

I suppose the “print screen” key will do it but I was hoping for something more flexible.


PDFCreator installs a virtual printer that can be used from all applications with printing fuctionality. Besides PDF it can also output a number of raster image formats.

I googled “doc to jpg” and got this $38 software on the first hit.

looking down the list I see $89 software and shareware. Give it a google.

Thanks, I had tried a couple of searches but didn’t come up with that succinct phraseology til I had logged on here.


If you’re willing to spend $38 for cheap software, why not spend $10 more and get a cheap scanner?

Along the same idea, TechSmith Snagit screen capture also installs a virtual printer that lets you print directly to raster (JPG, PNG, etc).

What’s wrong with a print screen? Just press “Prt Scr” then open MS Paint and hit paste.

Then “save as” a jpg. Or if your MS Paint is old then use XNView (a great and free image manipulator) to convert the bmp to jpg

Here’s a free way to do it if you use firefox.

Get a free account at Vuzit. Vuzit allows you to view doc files (and other file types) in your browser. Upload the file or paste a link to it, then use the firefox extension screengrab which takes a snapshot of the entire page, not just what you can see.

If you’re wanting it for files that are online, the firefox extension Nodobe allows you to right click on file links to open them in Vuzit, which is how I use it.

Doesn’t that only take a snap of the visible portions of the screen? Would it work with a 2 page .doc?