Single PDF from batch of JPGs?

Say I want to really quickly and roughly archive a 10-page document using a camera rather than a scanner. That level of quality is fine with me. I fire off a digital pic of each page, one-by-one.

Now I’ve got 10 jpgs. Is there a simple utility to turn them into a single 10-page pdf?

Do you own Adobe Acrobat, and not just the reader? The full program?

I think I have access to Acrobat Professional at work.

You could paste the pics into Open Office Writer then export as a PDF.

You can open them in any photo program and “print” them as .pdf’s. Then you collect them all in one document.

A simple and free solution:

  1. Paste them all into Word (or any other word processor) as separate images on separate pages. ie one page image per Word page.

  2. Download CutePDF writer. It’s small. It’s free. Do a Google search for lots of sites where you can find it.

  3. Print the Word file as a PDF.

Simple as that. All 10 image files are now a single 10-page PDF.

I know you say this is fine for you but just a word of advice for someone who may be thinking it is a good idea to send something like this: don’t do it, it is a terrible idea. Don’t use PDF format to send graphic files. You get the worst of both formats. Better send graphic files as they are.

I have Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you email the image files to me, I’ll convert them into a .pdf for you. My email is in my profile.