pdf --> jpeg converter

I am looking for such a converter. Sure, I can google it and got a page full of hits, all advertising free converters (well the ones I clicked on was free). But I haven’t used computers for 27 years and never had a virus by downloading free stuff willy-nilly. So can a doper recommend a virus-free converter?

Try ImageMagick. Converting PDF to JPG works very well for me under Linux. I can’t vouch for the Windows version, but I expect it would do just as well.

There’s always the ultra simple - screenshot (print screen button)

then paste into windows Paint and save as JPG

This is what I use. Finding the right options to do really good conversions (especially print-ready CMYK PDF to good quality web/sRGB jpg) can be a bit fiddly though.

If you want a program that does this easier with a fairly good GUI interface (instead of command line tools), use GIMP. It’s free and good quality. http://www.gimp.org/windows/

I have Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard and it has an export to jpeg function. It’s also expensive.

Yep, under tools -> select & zoom. The only problem is that some files are locked so you can’t do this, but there are free programs out there that can unlock them pretty easily.

Thanks. I downloaded ImageMagick, installed it and it appeared to work. I was supposed to test it by converting a file called logo and there wasn’t one, but it did convert a file called logo.jpg to logo.miff and I was able to view it. I haven’t tested it a lot, though.