jsp --> jpg?

Does anyone know of software that can convert jsp files to one of the formats my HP printer can handle (jpg, tif,…). I asked HP and the answer I got made it clear that their tech rep was incapable of understanding the question. I wonder where they find these people.

Why, exactly do you want to do this? Wouldn’t a graphical representation of a JSP file just be like a screenshot?

Try printing a .jsp in Notepad. Should work like a champ.

An HP printer can’t handle a jpg or tif by itself. Some piece of software knows how to read those files, and then sends graphic commands to the printer to reproduce them. The jpg or tif file is NEVER sent as is to the printer.

A .jsp on the other hand is simply a text file. Any text editor will open it and be able to print it.

If you want to see the .jsp “rendered”, you will need to see it in a browser. The trick is, you will need a web server that has a .jsp processor to process it and generate the html from it.

Ok, I have a photo that I captured from the web and it turned out to be a jsp file. When I clicked on it, the WinOS asked, as it does when it doesn’t recognize the file type, what program to open it with and I said IE. It opened and there was the photo. More precisely, there was the web page including the photo. Now maybe it simply went to the web site where the photo itself was stored, something that just occurred to me.

What I mean was the hp rendering software (which certainly does recognize jpg, tif and others, did not recognize jsp. I didn’t realize that a jsp file is just a text file.

I believe .JSPs are Java Server pages. Scotth is correct in that it should be readable in notepad or any other text editor. Is it possible that the .JSP file you opened contained some HTML which is might explain why you were able to see a picture?

What Snetho said. The JSP file probably doesn’t contain the image, just some code that generates or downloads the image. If you want to print the image, I think you’ll have to do a screen capture. Press Shift-PrtScrn, this will copy the entire screen to the clipboard. Then open your favorite image editing program and paste.

Don’t be hard on the tech support. The question made no sense to me at all when I first read it, because JSP files are not image files.

As others have said, JSP files are not image files. HOWEVER, I’m willing to bet that the file you saved is the image file generated by the jsp on the server you got it from.

All you need to do is rename it to the correct extension. Try jpg and gif first, and opening the renamed file in a graphic program.

The reason I’m guessing that you saved the image rather than a proper jsp file is that usually the jsp server is configured to not allow access to the source of the jsps, but rather the results of processing them.