[Judas Priest] in Honda Odyssey Commercial

Any dopers know who the artist is? Do the images in the Honda’s video screens come from the same artist?

Here’s the ad in question:


According to the Soundhound app on my iPhone, it’s “The Hellion”, by Judas Priest (and listening to a sample of that song on the iTunes store confirms it). That sure doesn’t look like Judas Priest to me on the video screens in the van.

That’s Priest alright, though I think I’ve seen another commercial with a Priest song as well. Catches you by surprise when you’re not expecting Priest for a minivan commercial. It almost makes me want to buy one.

It’s punishment for their infamously un-metal video for their song Breaking the Law.

Seriously, I hope they get great money for licensing the tune to Honda. Band’s gotta eat.

Lately, there’s been a commercial for the Honda Odessey which features Judas Priest’s “The Hellion” as the background music. Priest was one of my favorite bands when I was in high school, and “The Hellion” was a perfect example of the harmonized, spooky twin guitar leads that I liked about them. That song (really just an intro to “Electric Eye”) sounded dark and dangerous to me then. Outside the bounds. Stuff that would scare my parents. Badass.

Now it’s selling Hondas. That would have seemed inconceivable to me in 1983.

Ozzy has also been showing up in commercials and his image is safe as milk these days. A few months ago, I as at music recital at my kids’ school – a CATHOLIC school – where the kids sang a rendition of “Crazy Train.” When I was going to Catholic school, Ozzy tapes were literally not allowed in the school and were confiscated.

My 11 year-old listens to Otep (which just sounds like a grinding cacophony to me) and calls my Maiden and Priest and AC/DC and Sabbath tapes (yes, I still have tapes) “Dad music.”
[Sigh] I used to be cool. Now the stuff I listen to is geriatric, oldies music.

I still like it, though.

I know. I saw a Target commercial the other day with “For Those About to Rock.” Target.

I can’t imagine these are bands in need of money, I mean we’re not talking about Winger or Slaughter or some shit. Why do they have to do this?

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That song brings back memories of high school – early 80’s – me being baked in my room with the black light on – rocking out to Screaming for Vengeance. “The Hellion” led off the album. It was a perfect pothead overture (almost as good as 2112).