Judge at Ana Nicole Smith hearing crying? Wh.... why?

This is probably a good place to ask. I have seen many people treating ANS like she was something special and not just a sideshow and a train wreck. What am I missing? I consider her no more pertinent than Britney or Paris. Would people really be expressing anything but polite regrets if either of them passed away? I feel like I am missing something here.

ETA: I know that sounds cold, but I am genuinely puzzled by these fringe celebrities.


I think “performance” is the correct word here.

I watched a few hours of the hearing on Wednesday. It was obvious that the judge was playing to the cameras. The case was supposed to be decided on Friday, but the decision (such as it was) unexpectedly came down on Thursday. I wonder if a court administrator (or whoever oversees judges) told him to stop the shenanigans.

So was he genuinely upset - or was he just playing to the cameras?

“Earlier in the week-long hearing, Seidlin told one high-strung blonde lawyer that she was beautiful, and took cell phone calls from his wife. He shared his morning exercise routine with the courtroom and the cameras.”


Media whore - not correct behaviour for a judge. :rolleyes:

Earlier this week, Dateline had numerous clips from the hearings. Crying at the end was the least of it. The judge was a complete wackjob throughout. I’ve never seen such unprofessional behavior.

He is visibly mentally tweaked and ought to be removed from the bench.

And product-testing rabbits.

I find it hard to believe that those were sincere tears. He’s an experienced judge. Experience should make him desensitized to court room drama, right? And I can think of much sadder cases than this one. You’ve got a healthy baby who’s never going to starve for food, attention, or love. She’s not drug-addicted, handicapped, or abused. I fail to see why this case stands out as extra tragic, deserving of extra tears and wails.

Or using a penis pump (SFW, really!) while court was in session…

I was thinking Carmen Argenziano

Interesting, I though he was a dead ringer for the aged Henry Winkler.

I’m confused. Was the judge reluctantly sentencing the 5 year-old to death by lethal injection?

I can’t imagine that the judge’s crying doesn’t make it a hell of a lot easier to get an appeal if anyone wanted one. It’s utterly ridiculous. How can one be expected to make a reasonable judgement when so emotionally invested in the case.

Thinkin’ the same thing.


It looks like Judge Fonzie may have gotten the show he wanted.


My folks watched the trial…or they saw it on the news or something…and when they saw Fred Armistan’s impression of the judge on Saturday Night Live (Weekend Update) this weekend they said he was dead on.


CBS wants to talk with him because they were impressed with the sympathy he showed during the hearing? Gimme a break. If Seidlin had had any sympathy, he wouldn’t have dragged that hearing out for five days while ANS’s body continued to rot.

He does look a bit like Fonzie, doesn’t he? Heh.

I think Stanley Tucci should play him in the movie.

Maybe rainy days and stupid custody suits get him down.