Judging Amy - Who's that Guy?

I really can’t believe that I’m asking the Teeming Millions about something having to do with this show. Hopefully some of you actually watch it.

Here’s the deal: I was at a party last weekend, and someone came up to my boyfriend and I and said “Oh my God! I was standing there looking at you (him) and you look JUST LIKE Amy’s new boyfriend from the show Judging Amy!”

She couldn’t remember his name. Neither of us ever watch it. I don’t currently have TV reception, otherwise I’d just suck it up and watch an episode to see if I could figure it out. I checked IMDB and Television Without Pity, and neither had any current information about a boyfriend on the show. I went to CBS to find the show’s official site, and unless it’s buried in there somewhere, I couldn’t find anything about him there, either - they just seemed to have information on the major recurring characters.

So…anybody know who this woman might have been talking about? If I can figure out his name, I can google an image to find out if this woman’s smoking crack or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya schout1222
Could they mean Adrian Pasdar ?
Another picture.

(sigh) Make that…scout1222

Sorry about that.

Schweet! (heh)

That’s got to be him. In that first picture, he’s got the same jaw as my BF, but that second picture has the glasses and stubble. I definitely see a resemblance.

Excellent work, m’lady!

(oh, he is going to be insufferable when he sees the pictures of who someone thinks he looks like :rolleyes: :smiley: )

Ok, now I’m jealous. He looks like Adrian Pasdar?!
I heart him. :smiley:
You lucky duck!!!

Well, he’s probably the geekier version.

Picture if this guy was a computer geek and played Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, and his hair is probably sticking up on top, too.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying that. :eek: