Judicial dress in Quebec

Do judges and lawyers in Quebec wear the same English-derived robes found elsewhere in Canada where or do they where robes modeled on French judicial dress (do French lawyers even have robes)? Or do they wear English robes in criminal matters and French robes in civil matters?

I am not a lawyer, or a judge, but here goes. You might want to look at the Regulations of the Court of Québec. The relevent section is chapter I, division II. This is for provincial courts, which I assume is what you’re asking about.

It was surprisingly hard to find pictures of lawyer/judge attire but I finally found a Montreal store that caters to the legal types. The site is in French but click on “juge” and “avocat” (lawyer) to see their goods. I assume (perhaps wrongly) that all that is listed is acceptable wear in Quebec Provincial courts.

Having testified at a criminal case in a provincial court in Quebec, I can say the lawyers and judge wore black judicial robes. I don’t remember it in detail but I didn’t notice any striking differences from other provinces.