What colour mask does one wear with court robes?

I’m going with black. Not the blue medical masks.

Blue would be too splashy against the black and white of robes and tabs.

Black mask fits the black and white colour scheme.

There’s a judge in the courthouse where I regularly appear who wears a black sequined mask. She looks fabulous.

You go in the jungle, make a statement. If you’re going to fight, clash.

Thank you Mr Williams

Bane mask. Make sure you speak with a weird, unplaceable accent.

I don’t do fabulous. Just humble prairie folk.

Burlap then

too scratchy

Gingham? Flour sack?

You can never go wrong with black.

Isn’t the real question, gold fringe or plain?

What is this, an admiralty court!?! A freeman on the land may not be judged by a gold fringed masker!

I’m not a judge though. Just a common barrister.

We uncultured 'Merricans were probably confused by the fact that, in our courts, the judge is the only one who wears a robe. The lawyers, attorneys, and banisters all just wear ordinary business suits.

Do you do the powdered wig, too?

I know that you directed your question to Northern Piper, but as another Canadian lawyer, I can answer it.

No to the wigs, for judges or lawyers.

Judges wear robes, with a sash denoting what level of court they are presiding over. In a superior court (we call ours in Alberta “Queen’s Bench”), the judge wears a red sash; in an inferior court (“Provincial Court”), the judge wears a blue sash. I’m unsure about other provinces, however.

Lawyers in Queen’s Bench wear barrister’s robes, with white collar tabs. Lawyers in provincial court just need a business suit. I mostly deal with matters in provincial court, so I don’t own my own robes. On the few occasions when I’ve needed them, I’ve managed to borrow them.

Ah. Guilty, as Chronos charged, of being a Yankee. I once wore a jacket and tie to jury duty selection, and was politely informed by a bailiff that should I be selected, I should probably dress down a bit so as not to be confused with someone who was supposed to be there. So, yeah, a bit less schmancy down here.

I was on a jury a few years back and was really unsure before showing up how to dress. And then when I had to sit in the jury box for two weeks or so, I was worried about being too cold, so I wore sweaters. (I was also worried about falling asleep, so I was pinching myself.)