Juicy Plantar wart

I’ve had this thing on my foot for about 6 months, and I’m fed up with it. It’s becoming too painful to walk in the mornings. Anyways, I’ve never visited a dermatologist before, so maybe someone could help me out. I’ve scheduled an appointment, but they’re going to charge me $105 for the appointment, and then charge me for treatment on top of that. Well, I’m 99% sure the thing is a plantar wart, I’m aware of available treatments and ‘risks’. Yet still, I’m going to have to pay $105 bucks for the dermatologist to look at the thing and say “Yup, that’s a plantar wart.” Is this really how the system works?

I was certain I had a plantar wart, but was instead a foreign body abcess. The podiatrist took a quick look at it, said “It’s an abcess”, and drained it. I don’t know what the real cost was, since I had a $15 copay.

It hurt like hell when he did it, but a week later I’m smacking myself in the head for putting up with it for 4 months.

My sis got rid of a plantar wart with OTC wart remover. It was a big puppy, too. She painted it twice a day (with the remover) and after about two weeks it just sorta peeled out of the bottom of her foot. IANAD and all that, however.

I’m certain it’s a plantar’s wart. There is no pus, I’ve cut the thing off myself with nail clippers. It came back.

I don’t know, man, I’d go see a doc anyhow. I had what I thought was a plantar wart. I had excised it more than once, with bloody results, and thought it was gone for good each time. When the doctor went in after it, he discovered a foreign body (the tip of a horseshoe crab’s tail, which I had forgotten I ever stepped on!) deep deep deep under the skin, numbed the area, went in after it with a scalpel, patched it up and applied medication, and within a week or two, it looked fine. Within a month, there was no scarring or even tenderness.

I was just wondering if anyone had went to a dermatologist to have a wart removed, and if so, do they always charge you for an appointment, PLUS the actual removal of the wart? I am planning to see a doctor, I’m tired of the pain. Podiatrist vs Dermatologist for treatment of a plantar wart… Hmm.

I had plantar warts come up on both feet when I was a teenager. They hurt like the devil when I walked. I went to a dermatologist to get them removed and was mighty glad I did because they were starting to spread. He froze them first with liquid nitrogen then painted them, with salicylic acid I believe, then covered them with some tape. The smaller ones lifted right out after a few days but the big one needed a second treatment. No scar tissue and they’ve never come back.
I can’t say what I was charged though, my Mom was paying.