Julian Castro - VP?

Stanford undergrad '96 / Harvard Law '00

San Antonio city council member 2001-2005
San Antonio Mayor 2009-2014 (3 times elected)
US Secretary of HUD 2014-2016

Experience seems a bit thin to be considered a VP running mate.

Really? Seems pretty favorable compared to past VP nominees such as Palin, Edwards, and Quayle, as well as Presidents like Obama, Bush 42, and Kennedy.

Not a lot of experience at the national level, but neither did many of the others I mention.

His last name may be his biggest handicap. Extremely likeable person, very good speaker, smart and capable. This would drive the Latino vote through the roof and with Hillary’s popularity among blacks, make for a very formidable ticket. I definitely put him on the short list and would not at all be surprised to see him make the ticket.

He seems to be well respected and has frequently been mentioned as a rising star. Would be a good balance of youth and diversity on a Hillary ticket, and a good counter if Rubio gets the nomination and starts pandering to the Hispanic vote. Still relatively inexperienced and relatively unknown, but not a bad choice IMHO.

The rubes believing that he’s Fidel’s son will be voting Republican anyway! :wink:

Maybe some of them will confuse him with the motor oil guy.

Experience prior being selected as VP running mate:

Palin - Governor
Edwards - US Senator
Quayle - US Senator

Experience prior to becoming President

Obama - US Senator
Bush 42 - Vice President / US Senator
Kennedy - US Senator

Are you seriously saying that being the Mayor of San Antonio, and the HUD secretary is on par with being governor of a State or a member of the US Senate?

Absolutely (especially with Palin’s so brief tenure as Gov). I’m stunned by your apparent surprise at this. Mayor of a large city (7th largest in the nation) is “on par” with governor of a small state, and I think a Cabinet Secretary position is on par with the Senate.

Bush 43 (I said 42 by mistake) was neither a Senator nor a VP, he was just governor of Texas. Bush 41 had oodles of experience.

Well considering this is the year that a reality TV host may become a presidential nominee, I shouldn’t be surprised.

He has a brother who is equally impressive, a good family story (mother was politically active, dad was a mathematician, grandmother an immigrant), he is Latino, from Tejas (Texas for us Anglos), youthful, good looking, he’s an early endorser of Hillary, likely (especially because of his mother’s activities) can satisfy many of the Left of his ideological credentials, is articulate… I think it’s an idea that can work.

The lack of experience issue concerns me given that HRC is, what, 70?

What makes a governorship of a small state significantly more demanding, or more challenging, or more whatever, than a mayorship of a large city? What makes being a Senator better experience for national leadership than a Cabinet secretary?

She’s 68. I’ve heard the Castro name bandied about the pundits. Definitely a good fit for the nom

Well you ought to look at the type of government that each particular city operates under. In San Antonio’s case they run a council-manager form of government, meaning that the city hires a manager to run the day-to-day operations of the city. The Mayor in this case presides over the city council meetings and is a member of the council.

Compared to most state governors, they are the executive branch of the state government. They have to negotiate with the state legislature (which I’m not aware of any city having something similar) over the passage of budgets, various legislation etc. Much different than a city council member.

But to each his own, on the relative merits of different people’s experience.

As far as members of the US Senate being compared to cabinet appointees, please.

Population of Alaska: 736,732

Population of San Antonio: 1,409,000

Besides–Sarah Palin? Who didn’t even finish her first term as Governor.

Which is why Palin was a horrible pick for VP.

Add 8 years as VP to that and you got yourself a solid 2024 candidate for president.

Well, no, being a governor of a small state is not the reason that Palin was a horrible pick for VP!

Sounds like negotiating with the rest of the council is somewhat comparable to a governor negotiating with a state legislature. I think, at least for a big city and a small state, they’re roughly comparable.

What do Senators do that’s oh-so much better than a Cabinet secretary? Senators meet in committees and vote for legislation, and sometimes propose legislation. Cabinet secretaries meet in Cabinet meetings, propose initiatives, run a department, and advise the President. Both sound like good, decent experience for certain aspects of the Presidency, and one doesn’t seem like significantly “better” experience than the other, unless perhaps it’s a major Senate role (like Majority leader), or one of the big Cabinet secretaries (like State or Defense).

San Antonio may be 7th in terms of population within the city limits, but it’s just not that important a city: its metro area is 25th in size among U.S. cities. The Riverside-San Bernardino MSA has twice as many people.

And not all Cabinet positions are created equal, and HUD is definitely one of the least significant positions. Unless you’re a political junkie, or are in some way directly affected by what HUD does, you probably haven’t the faintest clue whether HUD is being run well or terribly.

Theoretically, the Cabinet should consist of those Executive officers who need to report directly to the President, but in actuality, a lot of positions have been turned into Cabinet-level positions as sops to various constituencies, and it wouldn’t matter if the Secretary of Whatever ever saw the President. HUD, VA, Education…there are a bunch of Cabinet positions that deserve demotion.

So count me among those who consider Julian Castro’s record a bit too thin. When a Presidential candidate is as up in years as Hillary Clinton is, I really want someone with a bit more seasoning in the veep spot, just in case.

I know a lot of Dems want a Hispanic person on the ticket, and hell, so do I - but the issue of experience has to come first.

If Bill Richardson didn’t have rumored skirt problems, he’d be one hell of a choice.

He’s also almost exactly Hillary’s age (68), and has been out of office for 5 years.