Juliet Lewis is sexy.

In a “drop those torn jeans to your ankles, bend over the back fender of my Trans Am, and let me have at you” kind of way… you know?
She’s on Craigger’s right now.
What do you think? Any one else get to you that way?

Juliete Lewis has exactly the same effect on me. It should however be noted that I’m easily pleased 'cause Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston, Madeline Stowe and a million others elicit the same reaction from me.

Female? Check.
No major deformities? Check.
Trans-Am handy? Check.

She’s definitely got the trashy slut thing going for her. Could be kinda scary in 20 years though, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

My old roommate had extremely similar taste in movies and actors as I do. One day and had watched a movie without her and when I went to go tell her what movie I had watched I couldn’t think of the title. All I said was “A movie with Brad Pitt and…that girl I don’t like” (By the way I never told her that I don’t like Juliet Lewis). Her immidiate response “Kalifornia, never seen it” Anyways. When I see her, the first thing that comes to mind is “Skank.” No offense that’s just what I think when I see her.

I think she’s very sexy, but I absolutely deTEST her eyebrows.

There’s nothing sexy about a dyed-in-the-wool Scientologist.


I always think the same thing about Kirsten Dunst. I don’t want to have my way with her on a car or anything but she has a dirty vibe. I like it though, I mean it as a compliment. With Juliette Lewis I get the vibe of the girl in grade 7 who was in special ed and stole my special ed boyfriend making me feel very unspecial. She makes me think of the dirty phrase “pull down your pants.” I like her eyebrows because they somehow go with blonde hair or brunette hair which is not easy for the typical eyebrow.

sorry, guys…but I wouldn’t fuck her with one of your dicks.


the ‘trashy slut’ thing turns me right off…she’s just so dirty!

though she was entertaining in Old School.

Not attracted to her in her present incarnation, but she did a terrific job in “Cape Fear.” The scene in the school auditorium where Robert DeNiro turns on the charm - you can just see her melt and she plays a gawky, awkward teenager perfectly. She was also great as the psycho-bitch to end all psycho-bitches in “Natural Born Killers,” but not in an attractive way.

There’s definitely something sexy about her. Not particularly pretty, but sexy.

That’s exactly it!

You wouldn’t neccessarily want to take her out on a fancy night on the town and stare at her lovingly over a candle lit table while sipping $40 glasses of wine… you just want to get her as wet as possible and play in the results.

She reminds me of a certain ex longterm girlfriend I had who liked sex so much she would sometimes laugh while getting off. (I know what you’re thinking, and no, she was just a nymph, she wasn’t laughing AT me…I hope) Anyways, she even resembles her in a slight way. This girl had major personality problems, but sex with her was always a “let’s see how much we can get each other off” kind of party. (She was the girl who first turned me on to sex in public places.)

Anyways, that probably explains my reaction to the fair (yeah, right) Juliet.

She just doesn’t do it for me. Mind you, I’m sure if the offer were to be made, I would accept, but if I’m gonna fantasize, there are a lot of hotter women to fantasize about.

What did it for me was the first time I saw From Dusk Til Dawn ,
“Richie, will you do me a favor and lick my pussy?”
Oh yeah, one night stand material

No No No, a thousand times NO!!

no offense.

Yeah xizor! Same thing for me!

Not sexy. She has always reminded me of a Garfield character.

You might be interested to know she plays a very skanky barmaid in the movie Cold Creek Manor. I’m not sure if it’s still playing in theaters, though.