July 4th on a Wednesday: Thumbs up or down?

Personally I like it for a change- it breaks up the work week, and it will give me something to look forward to on Monday and Tuesday. which doesn’t happen too often!

My wife hates it- she sez she prefers a three day weekend. And you can’t even enjoy your day off, since you have to spend it obsessing on going to work the next day.

Dopeheads, what are your thoughts? Do you like Jul 4 being in the middle of the week this year, OR if your were King of America, would you move it to a Friday or Monday?

I’m enough of a purist to think the Independence Day should be celebrated on the 4th of July, even tho having a single day off in the middle of the week is not practical. On the other hand, by taking a mere 2 vacation days, I get 5 days off… such a deal!!

It’s gonna make productivity suck completely for the entire week–a third of the people will take off monday/tuesday, another third will take off thursday/friday, and the other third will be pissed the entire week…

People, people. Let’s compromise. The entire WEEK off, please. That way everyone’s happy.

It sucks big time. Me and my friends annual 4th of July Camping trip/fishing trip/debauchery trip is going to be the worst in years. Few people can afford to take off two days, and nobody wants to make the crowded ass drive into the mountains on Friday night, and back Sunday night. Plus it looks like there may be fire bans. :frowning:

I’m with you again, FairyChatMom. I for one find that a day off in the middle of the week is much more relaxing than an additional day tacked onto a weekend.

Thumbs up.

I’m all for 4 July being celebrated on 4 July, it kind of counteracts the Xth Yday in Zmonth formula for most American holidays.

Plus, my company is moving offices the previous weekend, which means I’ll be working nine straight 10+ hour days before the holiday; I’ll need a day off by then.

I, personally, am all for it. That may be because I work at a State Park, and we get really busy on holiday weekends. Mostly, a lot of people who want to go camping. Unfortunately we have a lot of people who want to camp and we only have a few spaces. Which means, probably, a lot of people will come hopeing to camp, but end up not getting a space (we are first come first serve). I, however, am not working that day :smiley: Which means, that I don’t have to deal with finding other places for them on a day that is already one of the busiest days of the year. I also don’t have to deal with all the jerks who get mad at me because our Picnic Area is full. It isn’t my fault you didn’t think to come early on the busiest Picnic Day of the year. Sheesh. Anyway, I don’t have to deal with that. I am working that weekend, though, so I am glad that it is on wednesday :slight_smile: Now I only have to take care of those poor mis-placed campers.

I know that we have a fire ban where I work. They started on the 19th of June. It has been SO hot and dry this year.

The American Independence Day celebration in Oslo will be on 1 July this year. A Sunday. So I don’t care.

It’s always kind of fun to show up at Frogner Park and have all the Norskies wandering around saying “Hey, what’s going on there? US Independence Day? Oh. And a party? With hula dancers? And it’s free? Hey, let’s go over there and, uh, be friendly!” :smiley: