July Bugging the Shit out of you? Rant about it here.

This is the July mini-rant, posted exactly (+/- 5 minutes) at midnight in my timezone. Last time I was ninja’d by Chimera by just two minutes!

Nothing really bothering me, except mosquito bites, especially when it is so humid outside. It discourages me from going outside and getting my exercise.

Grins at you. Its fun having a thread that will last a month, isn’t it?

A friend sent us a new kitty tree as a wedding present. Thank you for the kitty tree, no thanks for it being “some assembly required”.

Nearly everybody I know is in serious crankypants mode. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather, Mercury in retrograde, or a combination of the two. All I know is that it drives me nuts and puts me in even a more crankypants mood :frowning:

Rhubarb season is over. :frowning:

And FUCK!!! One of my ex-minions just died in a fire.

18 good men are dead. I am crying now.

That truly is horrifying. Sorry for your loss.

Ex-minion left me to become a Hotshot. He trained for half a year before he was accepted. After he was accepted, he trained even harder. He was barely old enough to drink.

The Hotshots are trained to deal with fire, and 18 are dead?

Starts blaspheming dead gods because the one who are alive aren’t doing a very good job.

This sucks big time. Ex-minion left me to be a Hot shot. He trained a lot for physical condition before he left and from what I understand, he trained even harder before they allowed him to be on the fire lines.

He was just barely old enough to drink. He recently bought a house with his partner. He had plans for the future, he was going to college during the down times.

This just isn’t right.

well, dang about the double post. sorry. I can’t see very well now and Buttercup was helping me.

sorry, emoting

You and I have either the same friend or friends who were co-workers. I’ll let you cry on my shoulder if I can cry on yours. The tally’s up at least one more, to 19. Possibly more.

Sorry about your ex-minion.:frowning:

Somehow the screen on the back door got loose and let in a bunch of mosquitos, and they decided to feast on me. I have about 30 damned skeeter bites and they itch like hell. :frowning:


[passes the Benadryl to aruvqan]

Today was day 2 of a projected 7 in a row over 100 degrees F (38C). Eeewww (especially with a car with no working AC).

Nineteen. :frowning: Just awful :frowning:

flatlined, I’m so very, very sorry. Just got off the phone with my mom, she knew some of them herself (not closely, but as casual friends) and she sends her condolences to you too and sends you a hug, as do I.

I didn’t get shit for sleep last night. It’s my own damn fault, of course. And it’s raining today and I hate getting wet on my walk to work.

I know I get cranky when my legitimate gripes are attributed to the arbitrary, unrelated movement of planets/stars through the universe.


My own rant: I’m an amateur musician, and I go to a lot of rehearsals of various music groups. I’m almost always there early. I hate it when I get there early and find a really good place to put all my things down - and then someone who comes in much later puts down their fucking shit right on top of my shit! Drives me nuts (even more than I usually am, that is.) :mad:

Driving to my in-laws for the Holiday weekend and all of a sudden I hear a THWACK! The engine light and battery light both come on and the engine temp jumps way up! Luckily I’m just outside a small town so I limp off the exit and to the Canadian Tire.

I’m talking to the service guy and although they are fully booked he can get me in as it appears to be just the serpentine belt. Forty-five minutes and I’ll be on my way. Today is my lucky day!!! WRONG! The water pump is gone and they don’t have a part. Can’t get one until Wednesday at the earliest. Shit.

After spending 45 minutes on the phone with every rental car place in the area they are all either closed or out of cars. I call my in-laws and my father in law drives two hours to pick us up and take us back home. He then takes my daughter off for her summer vacation with grammie and grampy (Thank you, Larry!).

Now I’m stuck without a car and have to take the bus for a two hour ride back to where my car is on Wednesday. Not the most wonderful start to the summer.

I pit my husband for being able to sleep while the baby is crying not more than two feet away from him.

It’d be one thing if my gripes were legitimate, but they’re not. I’m very much a “let it roll off your back” type when it comes to the small stuff. I’ve found myself gradually being incredibly bitchy about the small stuff…that’s what I’m griping about because I don’t know why I’m being that way…:confused:

Oh geez, flatlined – I’m so, so sorry :frowning: