Jumpin' Jehosephat! St. Louis Blues hockey player arrested on murder-for-hire plot

Holy. Crap. :eek:

The Post-Dispatch says he lives in Brentwood, which means he probably lives just a few blocks from me. Maybe we can use this to keep the rent down.

“$50 more a month? Are you serious? Someone almost got KILLED a few blocks from here! Why, there could be more murderous rich people here and we’d never know!”

I remember reading articles and hearing rumours about him when he was still with the Devils. Stuff like how mentally he wasn’t 100% and that was part of the reason he was suspended twice by them and eventually dumped him. Hasn’t been the greatest year for the NHL.

Last night I posted on another thread that I was waiting for a current professional team-sport athlete to come out of the closet. While Mike Danton didn’t really out himself, and this situation is hardly the best way to be outed (to say the least), it freaked me out when I logged onto Yahoo! today and saw that story. Like Chastain86, I also said, “Holy crap!”


Doug Weight’s quote in this article is a masterpiece of ambiguity:

Here are two links to articles on the Slam! Sports Hockey website. The first deals with further details on the current situation with Mike Danton, and the second (a very interesting read) recounts Mike Danton’s career and troubles in the past…