June 1 "Futurama"

Goddam . . . The show keeps getting better and better and actually adding layers to cartoon characters, and it’ll all be over in another episode or two . . . Unless that was the last one?

You mean to say they were still showing new episodes? I thought it was all over a year ago. Omigod, this is one of my favourite shows ever, I can’t believe there might actually be more to see.

That was not the last episode. Fox is burning off the final 8 durring the summer so there are seven more left.

Also, the second production season is out on DVD on August 12. THat’s just two days before my birthday.

Hint hint.

Last night’s ep was great. It was touching.

It reminded us of Vanilla Sky but way better.

According to TV Guide last night’s was supposed to be a rerun!


I missed the fisrt part so I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I liked it though. They really should have continued with this show.

Yes, a really good episode, I thought. It could have served as the series finale.

It really had me going, right up until the last time that Fry told Leela to wake up.

Oh MAN! I missed it!

That was such a great episode. I hate FOX. Why did they kill this show?

My favorite line:

Why I am all sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?

It’s funny but my Tivo also called it a repeat though I knew it wasn’t.

While not as touching as Jurrasic Bark or Luck of the Fryish it was one of the better episodes of the show and way above my expectations when I saw the episode description. About time they got to the “reality isn’t what it seems” sub-genre of SF and they did it without going the easy way and parodying the Matrix. And next week it’s parallel universe stories! (Okay, I guess you can count the Anthology of Interest! episodes as those as welll).

Absolutely amazing episode. That show had as solid a plot as many much-lauded science fiction stories, and some stupendous gags on top of it all.

I loved the bit about finding Fry’s dead body so she can keep it under her mattress in order to stay sane.

Anyone else notice the “Semetic Miss” Cocoa, with a little brunette on the package?


I was trying to read the label, but my old eyes weren’t good enough–thanks!

The description in the NYTimes TV page, by the way, was, in its entirely, “Bees.” Doesn’t exactly do it justice . . .

Lots of wacky, mind-bending fun. I especially liked Don’t Worry, Be Happy with everyone exploding and (even though it is an obvious gag) Hermes explaining the size of the giant bee’s honeycomb.

One thing that bummed me out though, after the wonderful job they did with continuity and Nibbler in the first episode: The previous crew was killed by a giant space WASP, not bee.

The writers sure do love them some cereal though, don’t they?

“How big is the honeycomb?”
“The honeycomb’s big! Yeah, yeah yeah!”
“It’s not small?”
“No no no!”

“We’ve found it! The honeycomb hideout!”
And from the first Anthology of Interest:
“I’m a biiiiiiig robot and I want a biiiiiig cereal!”

Hey, all we know is that it was the contents of the space wasp’s stomach, not that they were killed by them. Obviously the space wasp ate their corpses right after it flew really close to all of those black holes to cover that distance in parsecs rather than a measurement of time. :slight_smile:

I think it’s better than the description on Tivo: “The Sting - Fry, Leela, and Bender attempt to get honey from giant bees. Repeat.” I was worried it would be another one like the superhero episode…

My favorite episode was the one where Bender found “God.”
That and many other episodes of Futurama make you think sometime after watching them.
Great show, great writers.

I thought it was just a rerun that I’d missed the first time around. Great episode, and I’m glad to hear there are a few originals left.

Other great news: Home Movies is (apparently) back on Sunday night’s Adult Swim! :slight_smile:

i missed it, what time is it on on sundays.

It was almost too heavy & deep. I couldn’t really get into the fun Futurama vibe because the show was so disturbing. Too bad more television writing can’t be like that. I’d be better prepared.

It was pretty disturbing. Nice ending, though. Good episode, overall. I was scared for a moment that it was the last last last episode ever and they were killing Fry off for good. Of course, part of me knew they couldn’t kill the main character off…but this was Futurama.

I think there’s a new episode on next week. If so, I can’t wait.

It really has come a long way, though, hasn’t it, from that first episode when Fry went into the future.