Sumerize last Futurama episode please

The last :frowning: Futurama episode I missed beacsue I was on the road. They showed it again last night because of the rain out of teh baseball game. But they only showed the last 10 minutes or so. I’m guiessing it will be a long time bfore it is rerun again so I would like a summary.

It started about a minite before teh robot devil showed up on teh opera stage.

thank you


Fry gets his wish.

Fry gets his ultimate wish.

TV Tome’s senopsis

I would, but I don’t speak Sumerian.

Boy that disgusts me.

synopsis. For some reason my fingers type phonetically.

It will play on the Cartoon Network on November 27th. That’s not too long.

Basically, Fry makes a deal wih the robot devil to get his hands, and uses them to play that fancy instrument (the name escapes me) for Leela. But, the robot devil takes Leela’s hearing so she can’t hear Fry’s opera. At the end Fry gets his own hands back, Leela gets to hear the terrible rendition, and I forget how the rest of it goes?

That is the last episode, really? I liked it a lot but that is not how I want to picture the end of Futurama…

it may not be the last episode… even the little text at the bottom at the start says “see you on another network”. its the last episode fox has bought, someone else could buy it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! They can’t just get rid of Futurama… what gives… I’m this close to Pitting Fox! :frowning:

Hopefully either it’ll premier on ABCNNBCBS or else I’ll be able to get cable/satellite soon.

I think it would be very easy to Sumerize. You would just have to add a few ziggurats.

I wouldn’t. Ziggurats are hazardous to your health.

Sorry! I had to!

Hehe, you’re quite behind the times but I’ll try and catch you up. It’s been dead for a long time. In fact seasons 4 & 5 were originally part of the same season. That’s why there’s only 11 in 4 and 13 in 5. There is an itsy bitsy teeny tiny little bitty chance that Cartoon Network might make new episodes. They’ve teased us with the possibility. There’s a slightly better chance of a movie being made. Until that time there’s just the reruns on Cartoon Network. Are they still showing it on TBS? I never watch that channel anymore.

I live in the Pass of Useless S Grant. We only get 3 channels here: Fox, NBC, and snow. :smiley: I haven’t watched TBS in over 5 years. Cartoon Network is, of course, out of the question.

Thank you for updating me though… I’m surprised they canceled it and snuck that under my nose.

There’s a comic book that ain’t too bad. There about to release the 15th issue. Leela gets naked a lot.

See, I’ve heard that in a few different places, but I’ve got almost every issue, including the new #15 (I think the only one I’m missing is #5), and I haven’t seen it.

Have you actually been reading the comics and seen Leela naked or did you hear it from someone?

By the way, the comics are pretty good, but it takes a little while to get into the swing of them. If you’re a comic fan you’ll GREATLY appreciate the complete lack of advertisements in them.

I’ve got them all except for 1, 2 & 7. Which I’ve actually paid for all of them but they’ve lost them in the mail. I’ll get the replacements soon. Now then if you looking for nipples and purple pubes then no. But if you’re looking for fully nude with the intereting bits just out of sight then yes, lots of eye candy.

[li]There’s Zap’s flare in 4. Although that’s fantasy and partly covered by a towel with Zap’s face on it. Plus she’s naked in Zap’s bed although she’s almost always covered up with the blanket. (0.3)[/li][li]There’s the video Bender took of her and Amy showering in 5. Although that pic has black bars over it. (0.5)[/li][li]She gets naked for most of 11 (1.0)[/li][li]She’s naked on the cover of 13 (1.0)[/li][/ol]

Allright, maybe not a lot but 2.8 nude scenes in 11 issues is more then enough to keep me happy.
P.S. 14 was brilliant. I read that one 7 times in a row. If you’ve read it you know why.