June 14-17: I make the Hajj

Yes, ChiDopers, next weekend I’m coming once again to the Home of the Fight Against Ignorance. (Annual Party conference, doncha know.) I’ll probably be busy Thursday and Friday nights, but I was thinking I’d be fine with sneaking off after the final meeting Saturday if yinz wanted to make a quick Dopefest for an out-of towner. I’ll be staying at the TraveLodge near State & Wabash - I think that’s the intersection, it’s near the Library stop on the Loop - and I should be freed up Saturday by 10 at the latest.

Whaddaya say?

I know you’re out there… I can hear you breathing.

I have that weekend off! i would love to come back up to Chicago for a dopefest.

Damn, I thought you were going to Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, this apparently explains why there’s such a high number of views. Maybe I’ll get this changed so’s the Chi Dopers will actually take a look at it.

Unless they already have and they don’t wanna party.

That would suck.

I already posted to your other thread, but so what? Count me in!