Hajj, hell. I'm invading Chicago, OK?

Apparently I’m either really, REALLY unpopular in Chicago or the thread title just didn’t pique the interest of the people I’m trying to reach.

So… having just asked Euty to lock that thread, I’ll start over.

I’m in Chicago June 14-17 and my Saturday evening looks pretty free. I’d love to meet up with a handful of ChiDopers and have a couple drinks and general goofiness. I’m staying at the TraveLodge on State and Wabash (I think) on the Loop.

Who’s up for it?

I’d love to, except I’m going to a “Cletus and Brandine” party that night and I have to dress in my finest 'slack jawwed yokel fashions"

Is that they only night you’re free? I know where we can get ten cent wings any night of the week!


I’m in!

Ah, this is more like it.

Well, I could probably pull Friday as well if that’s a more popular choice with the Chi contingent.

Miss Creant, what say you to Friday?

Also, I’m gonna need suggestions from y’all since I only get to Chicago 3 days out of the year and I know jack shit about what’s to do downtown.

…wait a second. jarbabyj is from Chicago?! I thought you were out in Germany somewhere. Oh God, I get to meet “Miss Cockwrench”! Woo hoo!!!

Oh, Olie, that gives me the shivers. To be mistaken for an actual German is my life’s dream.

Wait till ya hear my great Chicago accent. You’ll be damn sure where I’m from :smiley:


As usual, I have my kids Friday evening thru Sun late afternoon. I am free however, on Thursday and Sunday night.

Of course having my kids has not prevented me from going to dopefests in the past but I don’t want to worry about them in a setting like that as it makes it hard to relax.

I’m coming in Thursday evening and will be dead tired; I’m leaving Sunday afternoon. I won’t be offended if you come in just to say hey and take off the moment the kids become too much to handle, MikeG. The Tzeroling is exactly like that. But that’s your call. :slight_smile:

Oh really? raised eyebrow

For the 3rd or 4th time this year, I will be traveling to the location of a dopefest but will be missing it by a matter of 2 days (I’ll be in Chicago the 10th-12th). You people are doing this to me on purpose aren’t you?

Honey, I’m all yours Friday!

Friday it is, then. So where do we score them wings?

Anybody else in on this or is my Friday going to rock because I get to spend it in the company of two charming women Dopers?


bump for the morning crowd…

i have that weekend off so, i can go ! I will take the train back up to Chicago.

I’m probably up for some hijinks. But only of you wear your Lenin outfit.

magdalene, hon, my Lenin outfit hasn’t fit me since 1996. I’m just too fat for it now.

Ah, for the days when I was a svelte 32 waist…

anya marie, glad to have you aboard.

jarbabyj, what’s the locale? We need a place to rendezvous, here.

Attention Mr. Ed Zotti!

Here, now, in this thread, I, Olentzero, stand the offer of not one, but two rounds in your favor if you can find the time out of your busy schedule to grace our humble mini-ChiDope with your presence.

One for you, one in Unca Cece’s honor. :smiley:


My last session for the day is at 7:30, which means I should be free by 9:00. That going to work for everyone?

9 pm sounds good to me. it should be interesting to meet the man Montfort has threatened with death many times before.

“threatened”… hm, is that all you guys have heard out there?

Ah, the stories I could tell… jumping off his balcony at 3 AM with nought but a bedsheet wrapped around me. :smiley:

[sub]NOTICE: The preceding post is fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely concidental and the product of a twisted mind.[/sub]

jarbabyj - you’re calling the location, now. I gotta hear something before Thursday 'cos I’m gonna be out of touch with the board that weekend.

Gragh. The one weekend in June when I’m NOT passing through Chicago en route to places unknown…

Truly a bummer, LNO. It’s not worth a drive to Chicago itself? :slight_smile: Ah well - I’m there every year anyway, so the chance will still be there.