June Bugs and Bothers (mini-rant)

The company I work for has sold the building I work in, but we’re not moving untill sometime this summer. Fat chance the broken equipment in the gym is ever going to get fixed. Why do they give us donuts and then cheap out on the fitness center?

thanks for the June titile, galen ubal!

I’m annoyed that today is absolutely beautiful and I can’t flake off of work because it’s month end, which means the weekend sucks as tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and Sunday be only slightly better.

So I’ll be gardening tonight, when I was planning to relax. Bah.

Sigh…All I can say in my defense is that I was not slacking.

Can I just say how pissed off I am that it took until 1:00 in the afternoon (my time) to get a June minirants thread started. Arrrrgh!!!

Applications that minimize instead of close when I click the ‘x’ button, requiring me to navigate to the system tray, right click, and select ‘Quit’ or some shit: fuck you!

I’m looking at you, Spotify and Pidgin.

I dunno about that. Only 5 posts in the whole month of May? You should really try harder.

But seriously, what’s up?

Just work stuff. NBD.


Just fuck it. FUCK IT! I really can’t even go into it - it’s work, personal life (friends), and marriage - just FUCK IT!!! I AM SO DONE!!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER!! IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY! SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! YOU ARE AN ADULT!! ACT LIKE ONE!!

Thanks…I feel better now.

I really hate moving. I really, *really *hate moving when my stuff is scattered among three friends places and I have to coordinate everything to get it all done in an orderly fashion.

Oh, but it will be all worth it come next week. Finally I will have my own place.


Okay, so I was supposed to be laid off, and they cancelled the layoff. Cool. However, my position is still “overstaffed”, so as of Monday I’m supposed to report to a new supervisor - the unit I’ll be in is basically an in-house temp agency, I’ll be working in lots of different departments depending on what they need, while still drawing my same salary. Very cool, I like learning new things.

However - 2 hours and 45 minutes before the end of my last day in my current position, I have still not been told who my new supervisor will be, what I will be doing, or anything. My current supervisor has no idea, nor does her supervisor. So on Monday, I’ll come in and do…something?


I’m 45 today. It doesn’t seem real to me. Up here inside my skull, I’m still TWENTY-five – how did time go so much faster on the outside?

Relativity :smiley:

I hear ya. I’ll be 50 later this month.

Chef Troy and Chimera Happy Birthday! It may have no place in a rant thread, but hey - I hope you have fair winds and following seas, my friends! I hope you both have wonderful birthdays!! :slight_smile:

For the rest of ya, yeah it’s a hug moment- so what? Ya don’t like it? Kiss my ass! I’m all pissed off anyway - I can at least wish my buds a happy birthday!

SNORT- the doglet of love (my GSD - 165 pounds now!) just licked the screen - he says Happy Birthday too!!! :smiley:

As my eyes flit past the title of this thread, I keep reading it as

June Bugs and Birthers

I’m reading too much news lately…

Why does it have to freaking rain the last day of FH’s and my vacation? All we cold do is drink … Wait, …

Rain BAD! Yeah, that’s it.

Oh it’s cold too.

(I’m new at this. Give me time.)

Fuck rain. :mad:

Ok, crops need rain, etc., yeah… Still, we came in on a driving rainstorm that knocked out the power at the hotel we’re staying at, and now it rained all day and is threatening to do so for our drive home tomorrow. So… grouch

yeah! I was a floater at a job at one point and unfortuantely I got “floated” to the crappiest job in the place every night and because I was a team lead I was the last one to leave each night, if I finished my work I was sent ot another line to finish thier work so they could go home. It was heavy physical labor in an unairconditioned warehouse. i found another job and walked out with no notice the same day. that is the only time I have ever walked out on a job.

We have a family of wonderfully enterprising young men in our neighborhood. They swing buy every couple of weeks, wanting to mow the lawn for $30. Today, I took them up on it as I just had no desire to mow tomorrow and have a list of other things to do.


Peonies are NOT weeds. Dammit.