June Mini-Rants Are Busting Out All O-o-o-over!

Welcome to Mini-Rants: June Edition!

Me first…

Cat, I love you dearly. You were our first fur-baby and I never actually regret pulling you through the window off of our roof that freezing January night. But you really tempt me sometimes.

Now, I know it was my fault that I left my knitting project on the dining room table when I went to bed instead of putting it in my bag. But was it absolutely necessary for you to decide it was a wonderful new toy and wrap the yarn around the legs of the dining room table and chairs multiple times? Then you, in your usually hilarious way, managed to get a loop of it around your paw, causing you to go into panic mode and run upstairs with an evergrowing tail of yarn pulling from the skein in your wake.

My partner woke up at 4AM with a neuropathy attack, flipped on the light for the stairs, and saw the yarn on the steps. He followed the yarn downstairs, where he patiently untangled it from the table and chairs. Then he followed it back upstairs, where he managed to extricate the cat’s paw from the loop, with much hissing and snapping on her part. Then he bunched it all up and shoved it in my bag I take back and forth to work. Then he took great delight in telling me what happened when I woke up this morning. Because it was really my fault for leaving it on the table.

I spent a good part of this morning between calls trying to untangle the mess of yarn ($10/skein pure wool). I had to cut it three times and still had to throw away about 10 yards of it that were actually tied in knots that I couldn’t get out without cutting it entirely into 1" lengths (and I’m in no mood for a Python skit reenactment this morning, so no…). Lesson learned. I’m still going to glare at the cat for a week…

ETA: Thankfully, I’d secured the ends of the project itself by pulling the yarn onto the cable only and anchoring the needles in the stitches, so all of the tangled yarn came from the unused part of the skein rather than anything I’d already knitted up.

Uh…there’s already a June mini-rant thread. If I were computer literate, I’d put in a link, but I’m not so I’ll just tell you it’s called: It’s time for June mini-rants. Be the second…

I realized that right after I posted this. I searched using the hyphen (mini-rants) which the current thread doesn’t do (mini rants), so I didn’t see it. I probably posted to it before, actually. sigh

I did report this thread and ask for it to be deleted, though.

Good-bye, dear thread. We hardly knew ye. {sniff}

But if we leave two of them, they really will be busting out all over. You know, like dandelions.

I’m just gonna close this one.