Junior Modding

Now that we have a new board and new Mods, I would like clarification on a answer I got years ago.

Is a polite request to get back to the OP considered Junior Modding now?

That was Ok in the past but I would like a clarification.

Was this your thread, or someone else’s that you wanted to control?

Assuming that your are talking about this post:

And that you were modded for it by a new mod:

The answer really should be self evident.

As with other moderation, the context needs to be taken into account. That was a very long thread in which the OP had already been answered. After 200 posts some thread drift can be expected.

As a reader, I’m far likelier to respond positively to something like this:

That suggests that you want to get back to the OP because you have something significant to add, and aren’t just fussing at people who are enjoying the conversation.

It was my thread. I’m not the one who reported it, for the record. I have appreciated every post in that thread, both on - topic and off. It reminds me why I love science fiction. But I was not bothered by the polite request to get it back on track.

This isn’t criticism* but it is funny that a couple of the top topics in this category are about the same mod discouraging a hijack in one thread and defending hijacks in the other.

*I do see there are different spelled out rules for each category.

Not specifically no.

And sure, I wouldnt expect a Mod to step in and warn everyone for a hijack, thread drifts happen.

But that wasnt the question.



But you’ve been here long enough to know that there is no possible general answer to a question as vague as yours. As I said, context matters. What might be OK in some circumstances might not be in others.

To the point, one thread is in Great Debates, where a focused discussion is preferred. The other is in Cafe Society, which is much more chatty, and people are freer to just shoot the breeze.

I agree with @Left_Hand_of_Dorkness that your request could have been phrased better, perhaps along the lines he demonstrated; but I was one of the hijackers of that thread, and I didn’t read your comment as snippy or snarky at all.

However, @Spice_Weasel was another eager participant in the Bujold hijack, and, as she was the OP, that seemed to give tacit permission for the conversation to veer off into the Vorkosiganverse.

So you are politely requesting to get back to the topic of polite requests to get back the topic?

Yes, it’s not just the request, it’s the phrasing - it almost comes across as issuing an instruction, really, and for a thread that one wasn’t even the OP for.

FTR, I did report it. If one wanted to discuss the OP, one could just go back to discussing the OP, no need to harsh everyone else’s buzz. It’s the Cafe, not GD or GQ.

Or use the flag button.

Although I suspect the real reason was given in this followup post:

i.e. it wasn’t that a hijack was happening, but the subject of that hijack, that was the problem for the OP. People were having the wrong kind of fun.

Except that i thought I made this clear- my OP has nothing whatsoever to do with that thread.

It was a general request for a clarification. Not related at all to that thread.

Whatever your intent, it does have something to with that thread, since that thread is an example of it. And therefore something that could quite reasonably be discussed to elucidate the general principle.

Sure, buddy. Nothing at all to do with a current thread where you were noted for junior modding. This thread was completely “unrelated”. Just a random thing. What a coincidence!

Rhetorical question (so no answer required) : Do you really think we’re all that stupid?

As clear as welder’s goggles during an eclipse when the power goes out.

I’m going to speak to his defense. DrDeth thought sometime last year a Mod mentioned in an ATMB thread that a polite nudge to get back to the Op was allowed.

I let him know I wasn’t aware of it but that might have been for GD and P&E, but not for ones like The Cafe. He asked about starting this thread and I said it couldn’t hurt, I was interested if anyone found it too.

So the inspiration for this thread was from that modnote I guess but it is not directly related to that modnote.

I don’t think we have a rule allowing jr. modding even in GD. We have a specific rule that counters it if anything.

So best to flag threads going off target, choose the Something Else reason and just explain the thread needs a mod to get the thread back on Topic. If a post is glaring as the cause of off-topic, this would be the exception where “off-topic” will work.

As Colibri answered, Cafe threads will lose focus often after answered and become conversational. That is fine, I do it myself.

IMHO, this is a good example of trying to nudge a thread back to the original focus.

That’s a distinction without real difference. This thread would not exist if he wasn’t noted.

My comment wasn’t to say that junior modding was allowed in GD or GQ, but that the idea of a thread sticking to the OP was more in keeping with those forums, and not the Cafe. At least, not after the actual OP question was already covered.