Junk food for the soul...

rjk and I came up with this idea one night - the evil universe version of that silly “Chicken Soup” series.

Instead of the “Isn’t life wonderful” dreck stories in that series, you would have evil twisted glorious stories of people doing all the things you want to do but are too nice to do.

Say, “Junk Food for the Woman’s Soul” would have stories of how women got revenge on cheating boyfriends or bitchy co-workers.

I think this would be a best-seller! Any more ideas?

I still like “Junk Food for the Shoemaker’s Sole”.


“Junk Food for the Telemarketer’s Soul”

wait for it…


the “Lorena Bobbit Memoirs”

I got dibs on “Chicken Soup for the Vegetarian’s Soul.”