Jupiter Loses a Stripe!



A friend tells me that “This is what happened in [Arthur C. Clarke’s novel] 2010, just before it turned into a star”
I don’t recall that, but it’s eerie, if true.

I can reassure you that Jupiter is not about to become a star, if you’re worried. It would need to gain a serious amount of weight (about 12 times its current mass) to do that. That’s not happening.

So, what? Jupiter is a private now?

So cool! It makes me want to spend way too much money on a good telescope, though. :smiley:

That was a big stripe. Amazing that it disappeared/faded/resolved.

The things people will do for attention…

That’s reassuring - thank you.

By the way, do you know what the deal is with those rectangular formations we’re seeing now? The ones built to the 1:4:9 ratio? Are these lensing artifacts, or what? There certainly seem to be a lot of them …

Oh, also - does anyone have any thoughts on the proposed manned mission to Europa? I think it’s a heck of a lot more worthwhile than Mars, myself, but it seems awfully tricky to attempt a landing there.

That’s only if it was relying on its own mass to do the job. Who knows what Alien Engineers with Clarke’s Third Law[sup]TM[/sup] technology and Magic Monoliths can do?

The second link doesnt work for me.

When I click on it, I get “about:blank” appearing in the URL box.

I think I fixed it.

Yessir. Thanks!

“All these worlds are yours except Europa”

At least the Cold War will end now. Its going to kill the night vision goggle business though.

Curses! I was going to use that joke.

This is that alien space mining thing that skald was talking about inanother thread.


I’ll rent it to you for a buck.

The first two paragraphs, it seems obvious, are jokes.

The third one I’m only moderately sure is a joke. Please reassure me.

Nah, they’re just erasing the stripes to get it ready for the toothpaste ad they’ll be putting up there shortly.

By Jupiter!

Consider yourself reassured.