Jurassic Park IV - Unboxed Spoilers - Is this true?

Doing a search on Jurassic Park IV, I ran across this information:

Anybody heard any other information on this movie? Is this really going to be what it is about?

If it’s crap, Hollywood will be there.

I posted about it in this thread (same aicn link, even), and as far as anybody can tell, yes, this is the operational scenario for the current draft of the script.

That is incredibly, incredibly stupid.

Whatever the veracity of the plot outlined, I can say that this

is not true. Deinonychus was not “sort of like” a miniature T. rex, nor are the dromaeosaurs featured in any of the Jurassic Park movies examples of Deinonychus.

And that plot outline sounds so amazingly stupid that even I would have to pass on it.

I would totally go see that movie, but the first thing I saw on reading that was the same as Darwin’s Finch. Since when is a Deinonychus a mini T-Rex?

Yes, but they were


This has MST3K written all over it… should it be true.

I think when you got specially created dinosaurs with dna cocktails giving them this quality and that, you’ve left the realm of science fiction and are firmly entrenched in fantasy land. Will there be blue fairies and flying wizards and leprachauns? Why the hell not?

The issue of Dienonychus vs. T rex is moot, as the cow says.

Their creation would have to be awfully special to turn this into a miniature version of this.

Besides which, once you start throwing dog DNA and human DNA (along with, one suspects, the previously-existing frog DNA) into the mix, no matter what you’ve got, it ain’t a dinosaur, much less any particular genus (much less, species).

Heh. Two of my friends wrote an X-Files/Jurassic Park crossover fic, and the science-minded X-Files people refused to call them dinosaurs no matter what they looked like since they weren’t genetically dinosaurs…and still refuse to do so in every story that mentions the creatures later in the series. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve got to wonder what the characters’ response to Alba the bunny would be, though, given she had some jellyfish genes.