Jurlique - what's the SD on them?

I have recently come across a product line called “Jurlique.” They offer supposedly organic, all-natural, pure cosmetics that are excellent for the skin. Very expensive to boot. This company is based in Australia, and they have a website.

Has anyone heard about this company or product line? What’s the straight dope on them or their like? I’m very skeptical about them, especially when they advertise that alchemy is one of the ancient arts they use in making their products. Actually, their exact words are:

WRS - whose scam-dar is beeping

I live in Adelaide, South Australia a few miles from where Jurlique have their farms & factory. Their skincare range is very popular here & I have used a few products myself, and quite like them.
(Just so you know, I don’t work for them and I have never had anything to do with the company so this is my honest opinion)…

They have a very good reputation for using only pure ingredients & caring for the environment. They have a beautiful herb farm up in the hills which tourists can visit. The herbs are grown organically & picked by hand (as far as I know) so this tends to make the finished product more expensive.
Dr Klein (the MD) is a chemist and his wife is a botanist so they seem to be both scientifically qualified, albeit a little bit on the holistic, homeopathic side for me personally. They seem to be genuine & honest about what they do and have been here for 20 years so they are not fly-by-nighters or anything…

Still, the products are good, particularly for sensitive skins so if you get a chance to try them give them a go… :slight_smile:

One just sprang up in the mall I work in… did a little research and discovered the founders are a husband and wife team.

The husband, Dr. Jurgen Klein, is a biochemist, and the wife is a botanist. They’re both into lots of assorted herbal quackery.

I’ve never bought any Jurlique products but I did have a 1 hr facial with them several months ago where they used all-Jurlique products.

The skincare didn’t feel noticeable different, except for the scent which. I found the products smelled quite pleasant - some herbal (lavender, etc) and some fruity (mandarin, etc). If cost is no object I’d recommend Jurlique for the smell alone, but overall I don’t think it does anything my Clarins skincare doesn’t.

I bought a small tube of one of their facial creams while traveling at a spa a few years back. I was quite expensive but I loved it. It was very soothing on my skin and it smelled wonderful.

I am not saying I couldn’t have gone to almost any store and found something similar but it was a nice product.

The spa I went to used only Jurlique products.