Just a comment on a column

Was just poking through some old columns and saw this:

National pride eh? Perhaps that’s what the government would like people to think. :wink:

Morning, Silo. Um, and your point is? [look of polite inquiry] Sorry, I haven’t had coffee yet, not really awake. [insert groggy face emoticon]

I’m more thinking that if ever a thread was appropriate to the “Properly Describe Your Threads in the Title” pit rant, it would be this one.
Good think this section doesn’t tend to long columns that take ages to load.

DDG, I feel your pain, I’ve no clue either. I’ve had some heavily steeped green tea, but hasn’t helped enough for my 2.5 hours of sleep last night. Maybe if I had some white tea in the house…

Well, he said “Just a comment on a column”. That doesn’t necessarily means the comment was suppose to make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, I find it amusing that Cecil compares the Portuguese settlers to rabbits. I guess that’s where the last name Coelho came from. (coelho is is the word for rabbit in Portuguese.)

The comment was regarding Cecil’s statement that racial mixing had come to a point of national pride in Brazil.

I’m saying he’s off base. Unless you consider the truth to be what the government of Brazil would like people to think.

Are you going to back up that assertion, or should we just all assume that whatever the government of Brazil says is wrong? Actually, are you going to provide evidence that Cecil was basing his claim only on the word of the Brazilian government, or even that the Brazilian government has ever said what you say they did? I mean, you’re going to need more than “you’re wrong” when dispting something said by the world’s smartest human. Really, you’ve been around here long enough to know that.


Silo, I have read with interest the report from the UNHCR concerning racial relations in Brazil. The report mentions that racial integration in Brazil is not perfect, which is what one would expect. I also notice however several comments indicating that racial relations seem to be better than in many other countries. Some quotes from the article:


I notice in particular that a French artist’s impression in 1815 was of a country where people lived in “perfect racial harmony”, which same statement would very probably not have applied to many other countries at the time. In European literature from the 19th or even early 20th century, one often sees the “half-breed” pictured as being shifty, devious, traitorous, etc…

As a comparison, here’s the unhcr report on the United States of America:

You will notice that many of the issues mentioned in the USA report seem to me to be more significant than the problems mentioned in the report on Brazil.

Finally, I will add that the statement by Cecil Adams echoes the sentiment that I have read in several articles on Brazil, namely that the population is proud of its diversity.