Just a generic thought

This has happened several times to me while out on the road. I’ll end up behind someone driving obnoxiously slow, or who can’t complete a turn without coming to a complete stop, or who remains unaware of the finer points of merging protocol.

I’m not the kind of guy who will roll down the window and extend a digit at you or shout out an expletive as I go by, but if I feel you are especially deserving I may turn my head to glare at you as I pass, showing you my utter disdain for your lack of driving abilites and spatial awareness.

But every once in a while (not that this is something I do ever day mind you) I will pass someone, get a good look at them, and realize… “Man, just being that guy has got to be way more punishment then I could ever inflict…”

This ever happen to you?

All the time. But you should see some of the freaks around here…

It happened to me yesterday. There were three old guys (I say this because from the back they all had white hair and were in various stages of balding) in a Mustang convertible. It was a perfectly sunny, pleasant day, but these coots were going a full 10mph below the 50mph limit. WTF? Clearly this was Sunday driving at its best, with these guys thinking they looked cool cruisin’ in their classic car, when really they looked like a post mid-life crisis in progress. Ah well, it was a good thing I left early, because I was behind them for quite a while (or maybe it just seemed like eternity…)

Uh, no. Can’t say I have. Judging someone to the point of pity based simply on their driving ability seems a bit extreme.

Me neither. I’m not that cocky. In fact, this has to be the most disgusting “generic(?) thought” I’ve heard all day.

Eh, yer probably right. it was supposed to come out as funny/amusing, but it came out as condescending instead.

My appologies.