Just an FYI for all of ya'll-

all youse
all yiz

I’m doing my share. :wink:

When I do a Google search on my username, I get a few references to other people who use Lurkmeister as a username on other boards, and a link to a thread that a friend started on Fathom when I hit 10,000 posts there.

Alls y’all.

Me too!

It’s just y’all. “Y’all” is the second person plural. Adding a second “all” is redundant, like saying I’m am going to the store.

But I’m AM going to the store!

The correct terminology is “ya’ll” however, when encompassing a large group it is appropriate to specify that you mean “all ya’ll.” All of ya’ll, is never correct.

I’m afraid to look there.

“All y’all” is a super-plural. Consider this scenario. You’re addressing pairs of competitors. You declare, “I’m gonna beat y’all, and I’m gonna beat y’all, and I’m gonna beat y’all… hell, I’m gonna beat all y’all.”

All y’all realize y’all are arguing about language, and slang, at that, right? They ain’t no one right answer, y’all! In some places, y’all is singular and in others, it be plural! Sheeit.

If Eddy Murphy was a redneck… :smiley:

What happened just after the middle of August that caused the spike in activity?

Wrong. It is not slang.

No? Then it’s part of several distinct dialects, and the point still stands.

School started up again, so people were at their computers more?

Good question, I was wondering that also. I am guessing the SDMB was mentioned in another more popular location.


So what happened on Friday the 5th to cause less than 1,000 posts? Was the board down for a good part of the day?

Awww Yawww. Roy Blount, Jr. says y’all is singular, and all y’all is plural, in a piece on what southern is. You can call Roy a yankee if you want to show all y’all’s gall. :dubious: The fact is I don’t care. I’m a yankee down to my socks. If you want to argue about that, yawn yown.

When college freshmen get new computers and go to school, every new box has a freebie account disc from AOL-y’all and Peepsoft. With the freedom from parent-over-shoulder, they go crazy on the SDMB until classes start. There’s probably a similar spike for the porn sites. :wink:

Any part of the day that the board is down is, by definition, a bad part of the day. :frowning:


I found two of me here, and two posts ABOUT me on SnarkPit. Sweet.

There’s another swampbear out there! And… dundundun!.. he/she is also from Georgia! :eek:

It does too have the SDMB! I Googled my username and it picked up a BoardReader version of a thread I started.