Just an FYI for all of ya'll-

and if this is old news I swear I didn’t find mention of it in a search. I googled my username (and nothing else) and found a site that keeps track of us and our posting, for lack of a better explanation. Didn’t show any results for the SDMB, it seems to be a data gathering service. Needless to say it’s full of ads for things referenced in the thread. I just found it odd.

Again, if this is something everyone figured out and talked about when I wasn’t looking, I apologize.

I just tried this for grins and giggles… and got lots and lots of links for diamond merchants, products surrounded by dazzling white diamonds, etc. I didn’t see a link for a site such as you described - even though I only looked through a few pages.

I’m not complaining, mind you. Not at all. Kinda happy about it. :slight_smile:

It rhymes with bored reeder.com. Did you do a boolean search, with the quotes around your username?

Yep, brought me to a thread about support for the war in Iraq, posted in early sept.

Yes’m, I sure did - used quotes and everything. Just lots of links for diamond jewelry and the like. Again, no complaints.

I remember reading about that site here on the board a few years back (now that you’ve jostled a few things loose in this rusty bucket of a brain). I think that was back before we had paid membership.

Huh. There are other rigbys out there–spelled just the same, but none of them are me. Not sure if I feel reassured or let down.

Boardreader is a forum search engine. I don’t think they’re up to anything nefarious, and it’s not very useful for its intended purpose anyhow.

I appreciate that right near the top of Luke Wilson’s page is the fact that he has a similar chin to me.

(Edit: And once it crawls this place again I’ll be at the very top! I seem to get a strange pleasure from meta-manipulating them. Hee hee.)

Wow, I never knew this existed…

Woah that’s weird/creepy almost. Even lists top posters for the week and post counts, text from threads.

“All** OF** ya’ll?!?!?!?!”

“All of ya’ll?!?!?!?!”



I just found a Youtube video entitled Gorillaman & Retardboy 3. Sounds brilliant, but I think they must have used up all their creative energy in the first two installments, though.

With my dopername, you can guess what comes up on google.

Whoo-HOO! According to that site, I’m the second most prolific poster over that past week, right behind What Exit?


Sorry, extra busy week for me, thanks to the #4 poster on the list.

I found this interesting, it helps with a question that comes up from time to time.
While the Dope’s audiences/membership is mostly US it is 40.5% outside the US. That is higher that I expected.

**Straightdope.com users come from these countries: **
United States 59.5%__________Romania 0.7%
Canada 5.9%________________South Africa 0.7%
United Kingdom 4.8%_________China 0.6%
Australia 2.4%_______________Puerto Rico 0.6%
India 1.9%__________________Italy 0.6%
Philippines 1.9%_____________Vietnam 0.5%
Dominican Republic 1.2%______Norway 0.5%
Israel 1.1%__________________New Zealand 0.5%
Germany 1.1%_______________Mexico 0.5%
Egypt 1.0%_________________Greece 0.5%
Singapore 0.8%_____________Croatia 0.5%
France 0.8%________________Poland 0.4%
Malaysia 0.8%______________Other countries 10.1%

Wow, that’s pretty interesting.

Holy crap, I have my own software testing company. That and a few references to flanders fields.

I seem to recall that we actually used Boardreader at some point, like to help restore missing posts after a crash or something. Ask Tuba.

#192? We’ve got to start posting like a motherfucker to up our score!!

All y’all?

It was 164 yesterday.