Just an idle thought...

I just finished reading an article on feminism in the year 2000. I have to say that it upset me slightly. Not because of my “big male ego”, or that I’d be “threatened” did this article strike a nerve within me. But just because I thought we had moved beyond this particular mentality.

One of the contributers to this particular article basically came right out and said that men were no longer nessecary for our society. I’m serious. She said that there were numerous devices as far as sexual pleasure go, there’s artificial insemination and a stockpile of sperm as far as prolonging the human race go, and that women made much better companions than men ever will, because we’re too brutish and we’re never going to change.

I don’t get it. This just hurt my feelings. And it begged the question, Why does this mentality abound?

Personally, I need my SO and her femininity to survive. If I didn’t have that part of her that was a woman, I feel that I couldn’t be a true man. And the same thing applies to my sister and my mother. I needed them, and I still do. ** And,** I like to think that my SO needs me and my masculinity to be the woman that she is. She’s told me so, so I believe her.

But now I have to ask, “Why?” Why be a feminist? I don’t want to be a chauvinist. (I know they are not exactly antonyms of one another, but I’m using them that way.) Both genders have the most beautiful things to offer to one another, and to themselves, and I can’t personally go around saying that one was better than the other, and definately couldn’t say that one was unnessecary. Could I?

To any extent, this is just my mindless pointless musings on something that struck a chorde with me. I’m not trawling for flames or anything, else I would’ve went to the pit. I’d appreciate any and all of your opinions on this matter as I’m afraid I just don’t understand. Take care all not to say anything that would illicit a negative reaction from either gender as I would like to keep this thread with some semblance of intelligent conversation, and not a big flame-fest, though I fear I may have ruined it already by posting it here myself in the first place. :slight_smile:

As an organization men provide more sex to women than any other group. We are still the #1 “device” on the planet.

I will decline comment on the contributor who said we were no longer needed. I am not nuke-proof enough for the comments in mind.

You already said it better than I could…

“Both genders have the most beautiful things to offer to one another, and to themselves, and I can’t personally go around saying that one was better than the other, and definately couldn’t say that one was uneccessary.”

Just for the record…

Being a feminist is NOT synonymous being a female chauvinist. Most feminists do not hate men, think men are unnecessary, or believe that women are inherently superior to men. A few individuals do hold these opinions, but these people do NOT represent the feminist movement as a whole (except in the eyes of people like Rush Limbaugh).

You have some feminists who just plain hate men. Period. Wasn’t it a NOW vp who said all heterosexual sex is essentially rape? Fortunately, most people are enlightened enough to seek equality without the hatred.

Well, I still like you guys. ‘taint no device that does the job my honey does, and I’d miss all o’ you if you disappeared. Who would take out the garbage? Open that stuck jar? Kill bugs?

Besides, you’re all handsome and manly and such. Yup, I’d miss ya. Stay away from the feminists.

I’m sick to death of man-bashing in all its forms. I’m tired of men on TV being portrayed as bumbling morons. I’m tired of women in commercials smirking over their poor, feeble-minded mates. I’m tired of listening to my friends make insulting and degrading comments about men.

I didn’t think there was a competition between men and women - I kinda thought we were all in this world together.

<kicks soapbox under the couch, plops in recliner, sighs deeply>

I agree completely Porcupine, and I’m not saying that the same thing doesn’t happen on the other end of the spectrum. I’m just stating that both opinions make no sense to me whatsoever, and just plain upset me. I think it’s pretty cool to love and celebrate your gender. I love being a man, and if that makes me a “meninist”, well…

Unfortunately so Lurker, and don’t forget that there are a lot of chauvinists out there too.

Kind words from the wisest and my most favorite of the Godesses… Thank you

I’ve loved almost everything you’ve ever posted ChatMom. There are many of us who share your sentiment and your sighs.

I don’t think tihs a wide spead belief. I think it’s the polar opposite of the “bare foot and pregnant and in the kitchen” squad, and just as distastefull. Mark me down with the “I love you guys, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without you group.”

I for one couldn’t live without my SO. Not saying I have to have a man in my life to make me whole or anything. I’ve been on my own many times but if I had my choice of bedding down with a vibrating dildo or a warm bodied man… I’ll take the man anyday. There’s no substitute!

Going to a women’s college, I unfortunately encounter that attitude a lot, and I agree that it makes no sense. I am one of those women who are reluctant to call ourselves “feminists” because of all the negative BS that has been associated with that term. In fact, here at this school, there seems to be a prevailing attitude that you can’t be both heterosexual and a feminist. HA. I wish, oh how I wish, that we could end this ridiculous “war between the sexes” once and for all.

I love men. They’re such amusing little critters. Mmmmm…I love the smell of testosterone in the morning…

A world with nothing but women? Yuck! I don’t even want to imagine being without my hubby.


I do recall there being an episode of Sliders where they ended up in a world which was mostly women and very very few men who became breeders to propagate the human race. Any guy appearing in their midst and the women all went into a frenzy at the sight of them. The only place that had anywhere near a normal amount of men was Australia cuz it was isolated from the rest of the world. It was kinda interesting but I got to agree with the people who want men around. I kinda like cuddling with a guy smiles Too bad its only my guy friends that I actually hug since I’ve never actually had a b/f…

Nope, gotta have guys. Who would kill the bugs? Who would lift the heavy things?

Seriously, guys are needed. Personaly, I am no more attracted to a woman as I am to a goat. And dildo, shmildo. What about a warm, furry, solid chest to snuggle up against? And plastic replaces the feel of skin on skin? I think not. Not to mention if there were no guys, my fiance would not exsist. Who would kiss away my tears and cuddle me when I cry? Who would drive me around 'cause I hate driving? Who would kiss my neck at movies? Who would have bought me my first pair of earrings? Who would be so patient with me?

Yep, guys are a definite must-have.

Thats great gals!! Thanks.

Now get in the kitchen 'n get supper on da table you wimmins!

runs away arms flailing


Oh, I love women. Damn, but I love y’all.

If anybody flames you for this, I’ll stand by you.

It’s a lamentable fact that many people need to look down on other people to make themselves feel good about themselves. I don’t get it either, but I recognize it, even in myself. (I’m a much better driver than most people :wink: )

[aside] I’m really glad to meet all you folks. You’ve said a lot of things I’ve wanted to say, but generally keep to myself in the interest of not having to watch my back.

FairyChatMom, your post especially made my day.

Mrs. B tells me it’s all in my head. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks it isn’t.[/aside]

FairyChatMom, you’ve just said what I’ve been saying for years. Thanks.

I’ll add that I much prefer my male friends to my female friends (and I have a lot more of the former, too), and I would hate a world populated with only women. My reasons for this are complex, and have been dealt with in another thread.

BTW, I consider myself an equalist. Man-bashing feminists have created equality (mostly), and I thank them for that, but the anti-male stuff is just another form of intolerance.