Just an uncompleted GQ thread...

Which I intend to finish from home. In the meantime, think of it as a practice post.

Enjoy it if it strikes your fancy.

Last Friday, I took off work early, went home and packed some bags, brought the car around for kaylasmom, picked up Michaela from school, swung by the adaptive equipment store to pick up our KJ and his gear, and began the drive to Malibu to spend the weekend at lovely Camp Bloomfield. The observant will remember this as the place where Rocky Dennis and Diana Adams fell for one another in the movie Mask.

While going up the 405 in the carpool lane, I observed a Saturn sedan ahead and in the next lane over, make a dangerous-looking swerve to avoid hitting an RV towing a fifth wheel ( I had the idea that the fifth wheel was a mid-sized sedan of some sort). The driver of the Saturn lost control of the vehicle, and skidded, first to the right, then in a clockwise spin, over into the carpool lane. I had applied the brakes when I noticed the Saturn going out of control, but I was not able to avoid a head-on collision.

There were no injuries requiring the dispatch of an ambulance, or transport to a hospital, a very good thing, especially considering that one of the passengers in the Saturn was a four-month old baby boy. There’s a LOT of post traumatic stress among the four in my car. Both cars are pretty much total losses (airbag deployment alone tending to contribute $2500 to the cost of a repair, as I understand it). The CHP officer who took my contact, vehicle, and insurance information mentioned to me that the driver of the Saturn essentially admitted responsibility for the collision in her statement to him.

I’ve not yet seen the collision report, and I’ve been told that it could be two weeks before one is ready for the insurance companies to begin the process of determining liability and assessing the ultimate amount of the check to be cut. While my insurance policy is valid, I did not purchase comprehensive and collision insurance; therefore, I won’t be able to