Just another idiot, this time at the gym.

This rant will have no gratuitous profanity, and will probably be twice as long as it needs to be. But it makes me feel better to write it all out. And that’s what the pit is for. :slight_smile:

My gym, pretty much like every other one I guess, has a section where there are a bunch of adjustable benches in a row near a rack holding dumbbells that range in size from really puny to really huge. You go get the dumbbells you want and sit/lie down and do your presses or flyes or whatever. No problem, usually.

This morning there is this guy (who I’ve seen doing other stupid, inconsiderate things, but never interacted with) lying on a towel in between two of the benches. He’s doing some sort of weird floor exercises that I don’t understand, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

So I want to do some shoulder presses. I go grab my weight, sit down, and begin to work. But then I think: shit, if I drop this weight, I could seriously hurt this guy here on the floor. So I say “Aren’t you worried you could get hurt doing that there while people are lifting weights above you?”

He looks at me like I’m insane and says “Yeah, actually I am.” in a really sarcastic tone. Thinking this guy is a bit weird, and not wanting some sort of confrontation, I say as gently as I can “Maybe you could move over there.”, and point to the section where people usually do floor work like stretches and stuff.

And he launches into a tirade: “Well, maybe you could move, mate, I had my towel here first, mate……” etc ad nauseam.

I weakly suggest that the benches are there for the weights and the free area with the mats over the other side of the room is for the floor work, but he just keeps yelling at me.

In the end I just walk away, with him abusing my back.

Hell, I was just worried about hurting the guy. What am I supposed to do? Why do I get yelling and abuse, for trying to do the guy a favour?

And the thing that annoys me the most? I’m still stewing about it two hours later. :frowning:

Could you not move the bench? People get in each other’s way all the time at the gym, and somebody usually ends up moving. Now, granted, he probably shouldn’t have decided to do the exercise right there, but don’t risk dropping a dumbbell on his prostrate skull.

Just breathe deeply and slide on over.

Unfortunatley not. (Actually, I guess my whinge doesn’t make much sense without me explaining that, does it?) The gym has dedicated areas for various activities and there is not enough space to move equipment around within those areas. For me to move the guy next to me would have had to, and then he would have been up against the wall. It’s quite a small gym.

There’s always plenty of room for floor work though - nobody likes doing that stuff it seems. :slight_smile:

Been there. Done that. Had weights thrown at me.
He was in the wrong. Unfortunately, he was there first.

So you were in the greater wrong for invading his space and endangering his safety. Even though he should have known better than to obstruct two benches (the fucking inconsiderate dumbass) while doing his pilates or whatever, he had dibs.

Before you sat down, you should have said to him “excuse me, but I’d like to use this bench. Would you mind moving to another piece of floor so I don’t accidentally crack your sternum with my dumbell? Why look, there’s a very comfortable area for floor work just over there.”

'Roid rage?

Just so you don’t think I am a complete pinhead, I should explain that he was not there the whole time. When I began my set, it was just his towel on the floor. He had left the room for a while and returned during my set. (That would be the second thing I should have included in the OP. I guess I need more practice.)

But I concede that I did know that it was his towel and he would probably be returning.

Does your gym have floor staff? I work part time at a Y, and that’s one of the things the gym staff is there for. If someone else is hogging the equipment, or doing things that are unsafe, members just need to tell the staff person, and then they get the job of suggesting that the member should straighten up their act.

Well, then it should have been no problem. People work in on different equipment and areas frequently. If he came back and placed himself in danger during your set, he’s the worst kind of idiot. And the fact that he abused you for it is inexcusable. Next time, ask a member of the gym staff to deal with it.

I agree completely with Ogre on that point. Under the circumstances, what you did was just fine IMO. You had no way of knowing when or even if he’d be back for his towel.

And for the record, I never considered you a pinhead. For all I knew, you may have been new to the gym and just didn’t know the customs.