Just as an FYI, life sucks

What are you, Canadian? 1 guinea pig + 1 hamster = 2.4 chinchillas. :rolleyes:
Just kidding :smiley: , congrats on the new job.

Thanks for sharing that. It made my day. :slight_smile:


It must have been my burnt offering, sacrificed to the collective gods of Additional Lighter Fluid.

Yeah, but I don’t think anyone would want .4 chinchillas :eek: . I’ll either round up to 3 or else give 2 chinchillas and a rat.

Good for you, erie. Now, next time you get so down, remember that life is all cycles and ups and downs and the downs don’t last forever. Unless you’re just having a good wallow, in which case make sure you lay in a stock of fine chocolate. :smiley:


No That is 2.4 Metric chinchillas, Which equals 1 Imperial chinchilla

12 I.C. = 1 Ferret
12 Ferrets = 1 Dog
3 Dogs = 1 Goat
5260 Goats = 1 Whale
456,345,236 Whales = 1 Light Slug

See it is easy

Good on ya, erie. Here’s hoping things continue to look up. Glad to hear about the new job, and best wishes in it too.

Thanks for clearing that up. I lost my link to the web page for metric to imperial animal conversions.

And to everyone else, I really appreciate all the kind words and support.

Just wanted to stick my head in and say ‘Congratulations’ too! :slight_smile: